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Do you remember?

White Fox

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Ok, this one seperates out the old folks from the young here.


"Beneath this grave lies Elmer Gush. Tickled to death by his Shaving Brush! (### Word missing here for the contest)"


This is the only one of those I remember from a whole host of them. Here is the quiz. Can anyone tell me where I saw this? Does anyone remember any others?


Hint. It dates I would think from around the 1958 to 1962 time period possibly and this took place in the USA.



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She will flood your face with kisses 'cause you smell so darn delicious! ***** *****


If you know the answer, don't give it away yet! Just post a quote that lets the others know you are in cahoots.



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Priceless. They just don't make 'em like they used to...I just called Nonna, my Grandmother, who barely remembered these...she said they took 'em all down so they could give more speeding tickets and make more $. Having just gotten a $106.00 ticket for -get this- not driving with my fog lights on in the fog at 1 a.m. (because, the officer said, I have a black car) in the middle of Pennsylvania...and being told by my attorney to just suck it up and save the $500 extra it would cost to fight it...I don't know if they are having a problem finding reasons to give tickets, but still, at times like these, I'm with Nonna.



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