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Could this happen in your Parliament/Congress?

Mr Barguzin

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Oh, it didn't happen here, but it could have... There are a lot of similarities between New Z, Auz, and Canada. Even to the fact that Auz was started by a bunch of prisoners, and our Gov't today in Canada should probably BE a bunch of prisoners.


A LOT of similarities!

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The video was great! It just goes to show how progressive other parts of the world are compared to the good ol' "U.S. of A".



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You are absolutely right LTNK.


Mods here have to do such things so seldom that we get lax. Things like banning and moving topics and all of that kind of stuff are pretty much non existent here as everyone just automatically follows the rules so we forget about even looking for these things some times unless something really stands out.


Thanks for keeping us on our toes.


I moved this tonight myself.


White Fox

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