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HI everbody,

time to introduce myself, male visitor since around 2006 gained some comfort by my many visits i was not alone in my love of furs , so much so after collecting for some time , this colder winter in the UK finally spurred me to bite the bullet and wear all of my collection in public , best thing i have ever done .

regards to all.


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Putting all other issues aside, isn't in just really nice to wear a fur coat on a cold day?


Welcome! It's good to hear from you.

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A great big welcome to the site Smart Fur, even though you have been lurking for a long while. Great to have a post from you.


I always find that wearing fur is just like sitting in front of a hot wood fire in a stove on a very cold day. It just makes the cold weather so worth while


So glad to hear of your experiences. Great to hear you are finally able to enjoy your furs.



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