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interesting anti-fur action (almost)


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I saw this a few min ago and knew it would be interesting. Thank goodness the Law worked here.



FURRY JUSTICE: The FBI received a tip that a Facebook user was seeking to

pay for an assassination of someone in Cleveland, Ohio. An agent posed

as a hit man and corresponded online with the individual. The Facebook

user, later identified as Meredith Lowell, 28, allegedly told the agent

she wanted him to kill someone -- anyone -- who was wearing fur outside

the Cleveland Heights-University Heights Public Library. "I am paying

you to kill one person wearing fur who is 12 or older (but hopefully at

least 14 years, however 12 years old or older is fine)," Lowell

allegedly wrote in a message. The report also indicates Lowell wanted

to be present for the killing so that she could hand out anti-fur

industry literature. A psychological report found her mentally

incompetent to stand trial and not capable of being rehabilitated to

competency, so the judge freed her. (MS/Cleveland Plain Dealer) ...If

merely being crazy gets people out of jail, a lot of people in jail

wouldn't be there.




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Question: If she is ever found to be competent or if she ever commits another criminal act, could she be tried on this case without facing double jeopardy?


She never did actually stand trial. Did she?


Maybe the judge was smarter than we think?

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