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'Volume'... is it possible to have too much of a good thing?

Guest CanadianFurQueen

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I'm sure we can all agree that a great many of us fur lovers find the large 'power furs' of yesteryear amongst the most desirable. I've always felt that foxes and lynxes comprised of thick dolman sleeves, wide shawl collars and padded shoulders have provided a suitably overstated air of luxury, power, and entitlement to those who wear them proudly. And despite falling out of fashion favour far too long ago, I still encounter many appreciators of the style when I venture out in one of my 'ensembles'.


But, I do wonder if it can be overdone? I don't often worry about what others think of my attire, but I would love to hear from fellow fur lovers, wearers, and admirers their thoughts on how they might react if they were to see me out, dressed to the nines in a full length crystal fox that looks like it weighs no less than 30 pounds, topped with a large matching three-tiered stole serving as a cape collar and hat that's just an inch away from being 'too' tall and wide. Would you think I was giving us remaining fur wearers a bad name by being too over the top? Or would you strike up a conversation leading with a compliment?


I dress this way nearly 90% of the time, and I would say 75% of the reactions I receive when I do are positive. But I have yet to run into a true fur fetishist while out and about. I've always wondered how I might be received by someone who frequents this site.


Please share if you feel so inclined. I will dig through my photos to see if I can provide suitable examples of what I speak of.

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I am having a little trouble properly picturing your "ensemble" in my mind, so posting an image would be helpful.


As I cannot currently properly picture your style of fur wearing, I am unable to offer any opinions on that matter at this time. However if I happened to encounter you, I might compliment your outfit (or at least comment on it being interestingly unique).


I think there are several factors that influence if a particular "outfit" looks appropriate to the viewer. Those can include the height, body shape & proportions, and attitude of the fur wearer as well as the style of the fur(s). As has been stated many times before on these forums, the attitude of the wearer ("wear your furs with pride"), can be the most influential aspect of being accepted when wearing fur.

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I would absolutely love to wear fur in an 'over the top' fashion but I think that many people feel that they do not have the opportunity or environment to do so!

I am aware that in fashion currently there is a trend to make furs lighter, slimmer and more accessible to a wider market. If I lived in a more high fashion area I would gladly wear full furs, but in the north east of England, where I see hardly anyone wearing them, I feel I have to tone it down.


I think that most looks can be pulled off if they are worn with aplomb and confidence, though!

So yes, I agree with AKcoyote - may we see an image?

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Though normally I get the feel from my leather trench coat or my duster, I've always felt there was something attractive about a heavy coat. I'm not sure exactly why. Also I'm a shorter man [5'7"] and a bigger fur can just swallow me so there is that attraction.



A bit of an embarrassing story for you. When I was catering I encountered a woman carrying a sizable package in a huge blue fox jacket and despite my best efforts I just sort of went blank, by the time I came out of it I had opened three doors for her, because "I was going this way anyway." and I think i managed to say: "That's quite the coat."


I did get a wry smile and a thank you.

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I would absolutely love to wear fur in an 'over the top' fashion but I think that many people feel that they do not have the opportunity or environment to do so!

It's funny to think about but I believe (some) people need to get used to wearing fur.

My wife used to hesitate to wear her fur coat but, now, she wears it for daily use whenever it gets cold. I'm sure many people remember the story I often tell about the time my wife realized just how warm her fur coat was and how happy she was to discover that she could go outside when the temperatures were extremely cold.


I think it's common for people to "save" their furs for "special occasions." Then they never seem to have an occasion "special" enough to wear their fur but the truth is that most "good" furs are made to be worn. It wasn't until my wife realized just how warm and comfortable her fur coat was when she started wearing it all the time. I think it's a waste to keep your fur in the closet and not wear it.


I also think there is a difference between designer, fashion clothes and everyday clothes. I wouldn't wear an Armani suit to work every day but I would wear a nice suit from J.C. Penney. In fact, I used to work in the furniture department at J.C. Penney where wearing suits available from the Menswear department was encouraged. After a while, one gets used to wearing "nice" clothes and the difference between a regular suit and a designer suit becomes more apparent. I think that, if more people wore their furs on a regular basis, they would feel more comfortable in them and the difference between fashion and everyday would be apparent.


With that in mind, I think the concept of "too much of a good thing" becomes a matter of preference. If one is not used to wearing fur, any fur coat might feel like "too much" but, if one is used to it, the boundaries might become more fluid. If you wear fur on a daily basis, dressing like a yeti might even feel normal.


Have you ever been out, around town, on a night when a high school prom is going on? Isn't it funny to see high school kids wearing tuxedos and ball gowns for the first time? They walk around looking all stiff, as if they are afraid to touch anything for fear of getting their clothes dirty. Then, by the end of the night, their bow ties are all loosened, their collars are unbuttoned and their jackets have been flung over the back of the chair. After wearing "monkey suits" for a few hours, they loosen up. I'd be willing to bet that the same thing happens when people wear fur for the first time. They feel stiff and self-conscious, at first, then they loosen up.


Therefore, the answer to the question of whether to wear fur and how much fur to wear is to WEAR MORE FUR!

The more, the merrier! Once you get used to it, there might not be such thing as "too much!"

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Personally I wouldn't wear a stole/wrap OVER a full length coat. But that's just me. But I think Worker has hit on something with regard to being confident or acclimated to wearing YOUR fur out and about. I know for myself, when I first started wearing my modest rabbit fur jacket, that I would think "everybody is staring at me" or "what do they think?". The more I wore it, the less I worried. I wear it to work which is a university that prides itself on sustainability and of course there are the animal lovers who think that unless animals are doing anything the run wild and free, it is wrong. Every time I wear it, I get comments from people (both male and female) who like or appreciate it. If I go downtown, invariably some woman comes up to me to ask if she can "feel my coat". The response is always the same "Oh my GOD! It's SO soft!" I live in a place where you can probably COUNT the number of furs (i.e. not many).


So, basically, if you like the style, that is all that matters! My daughter HATES my jacket. My wife won't be seen in public with me if I wear my jacket. I like my jacket and that is all that matters. If you like your LARGE fur with a stole or wrap over your shoulders, do it! Admittedly I'd like to try that, but I'd probably "just" wear the full length crystal fox "out and about".


My $0.02



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I think it is impossible to wear too much fur.

I have several arrangements. Usually I wear my MINK coat with a fur scarf which might be my double CHINCHILLA with FOX, or my lovely 3m long SABLE scarf.

Of course my FUR hat, which could be my MINK cap, or possibly my SABLE (ushanta-style) hat, or even my FOX hat.

Gloves of course. CHINCHILLA, or my recent acquired MINK gloves or SABLE mitts.


As 'WORKER' & FURLESSinCA' mentioned I too used to be nervous (embarressed) to wear fur, but by wearing FUR very often, I overcame that response, and now wear FUR every day.

In fact I look forward to the pleasant thought that I will wear fur every day for the rest of my life.

It will be a pleasing challenge when the temperatures are in double figures, but I am keen to take it on.


I am still working, and fortunately my morning start time is such that it is relatively cool in the summer-time, and allows me to wrap up in a simple MINK or CHINCHILLA scarf.

In the winter of course, I regularly wear 4 to 5 pieces of FUR.


FUR should not be kept for 'special occassions'. I keep trying to convince my wife that FUR is a good insulator, and will keep her warm. She is still to be convinced, perhaps because her FUR coat is now too large, and needs to be up-graded to a more serious and substantial MINK coat.


My current requirements are to replace my MINK coat with a SABLE lined leather coat, and to make sure my wife's FUR wardrobe is similarly embellished.

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I guess it just depends on how over the top you wish to go. There might be a limit even for "Queens".


The ensemble that you have described, while really over the top exciting for us furlovers (I personally would be positively blown away to see such an ensemble), might get you the exact opposite reaction to what you are wanting. So you might want to pick your audience and know the social mood of your community.


Generally speaking, if I were to be dressed in my furs and were to see you dressed as you propose, I think I would look but not approach you. there's a point at which there's going to an excess and becoming a public spectacle.


If my wife were with me, and we were in our furs, she would definitely avoid you. Not because you're cross dressing but the sight of the ensemble would scare her, it would be too much for her to mentally digest (she's a rather timid person)....and she studied fashion design so she's into these things.


But it's totally up to you, of course.



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FUR should not be kept for 'special occassions'. I keep trying to convince my wife that FUR is a good insulator, and will keep her warm. She is still to be convinced, perhaps because her FUR coat is now too large, and needs to be up-graded to a more serious and substantial MINK coat.


I think that is the key, right there. There are "everyday" clothes and "special occasion" clothes. Fur is no different.


Clothes made from fur are not "special" just because they are fur. There is such a thing as everyday fur and special fur, just like any other clothes. While fur is more expensive, it is just as durable as any kind of clothing if properly cared for.


If you have an especially expensive, rare fur or one that is made by a fashion designer, of course, you might not want to wear it on a trip to the grocery store but, for many furs, that would be just fine.


Furrybob, I think your wife has the same hesitance as my wife did. We spent a fair amount of money for her fur coat. She was hesitant to even buy it, at first. We had to leave the shop and go have lunch before we went back to buy. Even though she thought it was wonderful, she was just afraid to wear it after we got it home. It wasn't until that night we went out to dinner that she realized how nice it was to wear. Even after, it took her several outings to get used to wearing it. I think it was that "high school prom dress" feeling that had to wear off.


I also think there is an element of self-consciousness that has to be overcome, too. When my wife wore her coat, the first few times, people commented and complimented her. As she received more positive feedback, her confidence level went up and she wore it more frequently. Now, when somebody notices, she is happy to hear. If it is somebody she knows, she'll even let them try it on.


Now that she is used to it, has decided that she likes it and feels comfortable wearing it, she wears her coat any time it's cold outside. She wears it to work and on errands, etc.


I'd say that your wife needs to get used to wearing fur, too. A little encouragement wouldn't hurt, provided you don't make her feel like you are pushing her. Unless she's got some kind of hangup that she's not telling you about, I feel pretty certain she'll wear it more when she gets used to it.


If I met somebody who was wearing "over the top" fur, I would certainly tell them if I liked it but that doesn't mean I have to socialize with them any more than the usual niceties. Maybe just give a thumbs up or say, "Nice fur!"

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Just had another visit to London. This time wearing my reversable MINK jacket, MINK tie, MINK gloves, and MINK cap.

Checked the furs in Harrods. Saw a mostly white MINK (unlined coat) with interesting patches of light blue, red and yellow. Looks as though it was designed as beach wear. I love to see someone wear it.

Also I have booked a trip to see the northern lights next March, and I think (I know) I need an extra fur layer for under my MINK coat. Not quite decided what yet, but tried on some MINK gilets. They were of course sleeveless and collarless, which will be about right, but the ones I tried were a little short. I would like about 40" (1m), or more.

There wasn't many items to try, but they will be getting their main delivery in August, so a visit will be necessary soon after.


Later in the day I saw that my favorite fur shop of Noble Furs in Burlington Place had its windows boarded up. I don't, as yet, know the circumstances, but it mad me a little sad, as I nearly always went and gazed at their window display.


I also took the opportunity to enter David Hockley's shop to enquire about the new fur gilet. They didn't have any items for me to see or try, so I'll need to send an email.

I'll also need to get some on-line quotes as well.

The weather here in southern england has fortunately turned cold again, so my MINK coat will be necessary. I'll wear it with my double MINK scarf on a shopping trip later. FOX, hat and SABLE gloves will be worn as well.

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Canadian Fur Queen,


As a side opinion I find that yes, there can be a case of too much volume. Not from the look or style perspective though but from the matter of weight. As an example, in my last two shoots I have had the great pleasure of borrowing some very big, full long and heavy fox fur coats from a good friend and fellow UK fur fan. However at such sizes, lengths and weights, it takes a fairly robust and sturdy person to wear them without struggling, even for standing poses let alone having freedom to move properly. And however nice the wearer and the fur, seeing them waddling around like a penguin sitting on an egg is not that appealling. Shay Hendrix just about coped with the longer foxes but a slimmer svelter model might have been crushed by them.



Mr Mockle

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One of the reasons I designed my own coats as fur lined was so I could wear fur as an every day thing during the colder season here. I am, however, looking to the day when I can get an outrageously big fur to wear for "special events", concerts mostly where it would be totally appropriate.


A big un sheared Beaver that Horst has made for another guy in Portland would be my choice.



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