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Winter is going: another fur season ending?


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The short Spanish spring finally seems to have started. After seeing a good many nice furs in and around Alicante this winter, it looks like the fur spotting season is now approaching its end. There were a couple of nice minks and a fox jacket out at the weekend along with a couple of rabbit gillets and vests but that looks to be the end of our winter.


How has fur season been for you guys and is it still clinging on? I imagine it might well be in the UK especially.



Mr Mockle

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Its just starting her Mr M. No sights yet (except in my house), but I am on the market for a new fur for the wife, ready for winter here and then for our trip to the UK, Prague and Paris in December

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I've heard often of the long drawn out winter in UK this year so there must have been some good experiences there this year. Lots of information in the news of animals dying in the cold weather, etc.

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