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My photo on BFTA!


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Congratulations Foxb


It is nice to see some in the fur industry passing on their knowledge before working with fur becomes a dead art.

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I agree totally


First off FB I can tell that you are really dedicated and proud of what you have accomplished here and you certainly should be. To come through as you have is certainly a dream come true for you but also a real way for you to gain experience in the future.


But on top of that so often we hear of these negativities. yet so often they are just not there. I was in an elevator not long back with a fox coat on. A young fellow and his girl friend there. And he mentioned something about me dressed for a blizzard. I laughed and mentioned "Yes indeed and inside an elevator eh?" and we all had a laugh. But I instantly knew that they were not being negative. And so often that is not the case. So many young folks are not at all so today even though press keeps telling us that they are. The fur industry needs people like you and the others in that group who are interested to work and carry things on. Who will take on the reins and be ready to move into the future.


And what a fantastic tribute for you as you move out on your way to doing that!



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And you MUST share what you are learning with us! From the intricacies of the fur sewing machines to the latest techniques!

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Thank you all!


I certainly don't get the negative comments that I was expecting to get when I started this journey. Sure, there are people who don't really like fur but they tend to keep their mouth shut and congratulate my success anyway. I haven't had anyone screaming in my face, and I think that the group of people who would do this is smaller than they want us to believe.


Well, I have found out that the competition results should be released this week, and every time I get an email, my stomach drops through the floor! I will be sorely disappointed if I don't get the result I'm hoping for, but in any case, entering the contest has been a worthwhile experience as I have learned so much and I feel I now have a foothold in the industry.


Speaking of fur sewing machines, I seem to have acquired this beauty:



It is 70 years old and has no motor, only a treadle, but it sews a beautiful seam! Some of my friends think that it is an indulgent purchase, but I felt sure in my head that it was a worthwhile investment and something I can use after uni too (besides, a motor can be fitted to it later, if I decide I need one).


There are some amazing techniques going on with fur. I know that a lot of you like the style of a full pelt, and that will always look the most glamourous, but some of the more unusual techniques are making fur suitable for a wider audience, which is great. It amazed me when I learned about stranding/letting out because of the extremely delicate work of cutting the tiny strips of mink and re-sewing them. However, even more amazing, I have seen samples of fur cut to even more microscopic details in order to replicate printed 'fabric' - I saw a tartan print with different coloured fur and I would swear that some of the pieces that went into it were barely more than a few millimetres in size. The designer at Saga told us that they are finding techniques to make fur a lighter material are also very popular, so this can involve cutting a specific pattern of slashes into fur so that it can be spread out in a 'net'; of course the fur is long enough to make this effect look very textural and beautiful.

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Could not agree more. It os great to see someone, especially some one so young and at the beginning of their career, achieving their goals and moving forward in the direction that they have chosen, even if it may be against some others choices. Good on'ya for sticking to your guns, and I hope that you do very well in your career. It seems to be a market that is really expanding in the younger market, and a young designer is going to be in a great place to meet their market at the same level. I (and I expect many others) look forward to seeing your designs here, and later on in the shops and on the street.


Best of luck,


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CONGRATS on making the press! That is wonderful! All the people who taught you (and the den) can say "I knew Foxb" when she was just starting out."


Congrats again!


" title="Applause" />

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