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Gloria Trillo The Sopranos


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It is hard to tell something like that without really seeing it and feeling it. But it really does look like sheared fox. Rather unusual.

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I am pretty sure the body of the coat is sheared and "grooved" fur, either beaver or mink. Canadian designer Zuki has created designs very similar to this coat, so this one could well be Zuki too.


For example, the one before the last under "Double-face sheared beaver" category below:



Or the third one under "Double-face sheared beaver" category below:



This is black grooved sheared mink:


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My vote is for sheared grooved mink. I think the designer would pair the sable with the mink rather than the sheared beaver. Great combination! My personal preference, however, is lynx paired with sheared (not necessarily grooved, though) mink.

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