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Furry Breakfast


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My wife and I went out to a nice resort for brunch last Saturday. As we walked into the dining area, we were met by a young woman in her mid 20's who turned out to be the manager. She was brunette and about 5 feet 9 inches well proportioned.


Her face lit up when she saw my wife and me. We were wearing our Silver Fox parkas. She literally blurted out, "You both look wonderful and warm in your furs! I LOVE fur. As she ushered us to our table by the fireplace, she just went on and on about our coats. She asked if she should take our coats and put them in the coat room. We said yes and as she took my coat, I asked her if she would like to try on my SIlver Fox. And again she lit up and gushed, "REALLY!!? Are you sure?". I smiled and said yes and helped her put my coat on. She again blurted out "I love fur!" "Look at this!". She started stroking my coat and scooped up my wife's Silver Fox which is a little softer than mine. She started stroking my wife's fur even more involuntarily. She remarked, "This is SO SOFT!!". She promptly whipped out her iPhone and walked over to a waitress nearby and asked her to take her picture and struck a pose. She then glided over to the reception desk and showed off our furs to some other women fellow workers. I mean she was in 7th Heaven and was quite boisterous about it. I was wondering if we would ever see our coats again...hehe.


We received her special attention for the rest of our time there. When we were ready to leave she happily went and got our coats for us, I think, just to havean excuse to handle the fur again. She made one more admiring comment about the fur as she handed over our coats. It was absolutely great. Best reaction we've ever received.


I think that if I hadn't been married, I could had a date with her easily, especially if I had let her wear one of my several furs that I have at home.





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Indeed a great experience, and hopefully some others can take it as an encouragement to wear furs out and not be afraid of what others may think. I have only ever had positive comments, and I am 6'3" and live in Australia, not the most populated of fur coat countries!!!

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