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It's coming...

White Fox

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It was 504° Rankine here today as well.











For those a bit confused, the equivalents are: 44F & 7C.

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You got me on that one as the Rømer scale is not in my converter applications. Had to look at wikipedia to find the formula.



( 11 Rømer = 6.6 C)

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Romer, Rankine, Kelvin.... Bah Humbug.



Try Fall weather where even after the Equinox the max has been over 25C consistently.... and 20C at night. You want it?? Ya can have it, cause I's sick of nudity.



And I bet that no-one ever thought they'd hear that from me LMAO

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In all my chemistry I've never seen or heard of Romer or Rankine temperature scales. I learned something here!


By-the-by, it's been round 45 to 50 degrees Fahrenheit in the mornings around here lately with mid-day temps hitting 70 F (plus or minus a couple of degrees). I guess it is time to store the jacket. I'll use "42" as an excuse to wear my rabbit jacket. A little chilly but certainly NOT cold.


As long as we're on the topic of equivalents, does anyone know the weight equivalent to one Stone?



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A chilly 6.4 degrees here this morning South of Sydney and the lightest sprinkling of snow on the 'Snowy Mountains' (aka sometimes snowy hills)


Autumn in Auz......and I'm already converting some mink stoles into cushion covers.......



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