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ATTENTION!!! Fake Mailon Furs website!!


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Hi everyone

a client contacted me yesterday telling me he wanted to buy one item from our 'sales' site. We do not have anything like that.

The link is mailonfurssale.com

and they have stolen all our images and 'sell' our items at cheap prices. Be careful everyone! Its a scam.

We already reported it, but if you would like to help you can use the following form on godaddy to pressure them to take action immediately.


Thank you for your help

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First off to all members...


Everything we have seen about Kostas and his business makes us believe that he is legit and an honest man. They run an honest business and a trustworthy one. Thus I believe we should help them out here. We cannot always do this as we often just do not know the people well enough but in this case I believe that we do.


I did enter a complaint. The one problem I ran into was that this was involving a web site and that page is for email but it did seem to work. Folks I truly do suggest that you do help our fellow member out on this.


The fields I used were as follows...


Full name. ...... I wasn't sure what to use so I used ......... Mailon Furs

Your email address ...... My personal email

Offending Domain name ......... MailonFursSale.com (I tried to use the full http: version and it would not accept that But it did accept the simple version shown.)

Type ........ Spam

Full Headers. I just placed the Domain name on top again, and then gave a text description.

Message Content. I just placed "See Message Above here".


With the above the information was accepted by the site filters.


White Fox

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Thank you for the leap of faith and support.

On the name section I believe you should write your own name.

And on the type of abuse better is to use the drop down menu to report as "miscellaneous" as non of the others fits to the situation.

Either way. GoDaddy prompted me to a different procedure, which seems too damn tiring, just to prove my obvious grounds. The other site is even using my photos with the trademark still on.

The list of things to do is this...


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