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My Fur Workshop


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Sorry I've been AWOL - I've been really busy and I'm probably going to stay that way for a while, but I did have my competition fur workshop yesterday in London. It was amazing - when I have time I will sit down and write about it properly. I learned so much and they told me my competition entry was the most exciting. Stay tuned, I'll tell you more soon!

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Thank you, White Fox!

So here's the real description!


Well, it was amazing. I got there, and was introduced to head designers from Hockley and also from Saga Fur, along with the other contestants. We were shown a selection of amazing samples - things that I didn't imagine could be done with fur. Then we visited the fur warehouse again, which I had seen a few months ago, only there were some new furs - a lot of Russian sable (which I couldn't leave alone) some opossum, some squirrel plates, rex rabbit and even some seal. There was, as previously, an absolutely massive selection of mink in all colours from pure white to black and everything in between, a lot of raccoon (some with dyed blue frosting on the tips of the guard hairs) and a lot of fox (especially blue fox). There was Karakul lamb, Finn raccoon, fitch, Mongolian sheepskin, etc etc... probably more, but I was starting to feel overwhelmed!


Then we went to a fur workshop where we learned about stretching and working mink for a coat, and also tried a fur machine (without a needle). I already knew how to use the furrier's knife because I have been using it for my collection. We had private tutorials about our collection entries and I was told that my entry was the most exciting - but I do still have quite a bit of work to do to develop three designs before the 2nd of April when the next round of judging starts. But I have a lot of new ideas.


The highlight of the trip? I got to try on a beautiful black mink coat in the showroom... there is a photograph of this in the gallery (in the sorting bin at the time of writing). It was amazing and I was extremely sorry to have to leave it behind. I would have absolutely loved to own it. The photograph, sadly, is not brilliant (and I think I was starting to look quite tired by this point)... but at least you can get an idea of what it looked like!

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What fantastic photos! All of them are beautiful! You look great in each one of them. I hope that the industry realizes just how lucky they are to have folks like you wanting to work with them.


Folks, remember, to see the photos, click one more time to get the large photo and then click Control and + and you will see the photo very large. just use Control zero to go back to normal.

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