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Fur Fashion Guide - Picpost Don


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The picpost is working correctly at the moment. We rebuild the database (after a crash, my fault ) and 1693 users has signed in already. If you want to point fingers, it was my fault, i opened by accident a old (backup) linux file on a window system. Don't try that at home


Anyway , your problem is that you have to activate your account? Many people signed up with a non exist emailadress or they used a free hotmail or yahoo email account. And some of the servers of hotmail or yahoo see our activativation email as spam, so check your spam box and see of our mail is there.


Almost 1700 people sign in without any problem, and maybe 100 failed by using a non exist emailaccount or mailbox unavailable.


Please, check our troubleshooting and FAQ's topic (its' on the main site) before you go yelling that our site is not working, or post your problem on our (troubleshoot) forum. And if that all is not working for you, you can send us a email. we will help you in.



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Cookie you are so right about FAQ on these forums. So many folk here have not even read our FAQ and as such they have not seen our styles change. They are missing the absolute best part of this site and they will not take the two minutes approximately that it takes to look it up and try it.


On all of these sites folks FAQ is there for a reason. It can save you so much time and frustration.


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Most folk don't even look at "help" files when it comes to programs they have insttalled on their puters WEG... so why should this be any different.


Yeah... am being narky.... but then again......

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