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A Good Fur Year Where We Live


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Hello All,


Well, the Winter season is winding down. My wife and I have had a wonderful 12 months.


We visited Yellowstone in our Arctic Wolf and Coyote/Shadow Fox furs last Memorial Day weekend.


We went to the Symphony and my wife wore her F/L Golden Island Fox.


We went to restaurants in our furs.


Christmas was especially cold and snowy and we wore our Silver Fox coats to the Mall several times.


We've been out for several walks in our furs.


Everywhere we've gome people have received us warmly with admiring and positive compliments. One lady even remarked, "Finally, someone is showing some fashion flare around here." We've even been asked at least four times if we would mind if our picture were taken to which we agreed. Teenagers and young people seem to be very accepting of people wearing furs around here. And I can't count all the times that people have asked (and sometimes just reached out) to feel our furs.


I've even gotten several young people to try on my furs. You might call me a "Fur Evangelist". hehe.


So all in all, it has been a very furry and cozy Winter in the Rockies.


Hope your Winter has been as enjoyable as ours.



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