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Hamster fur?


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Hamsters! I didn't know they could be so big. http://www.master-furrier.com/592-hamster-fur-blanket-p-534.html


Looking it up, it appears to be a different breed/species than the sort usually used for pets.

The markings are beautiful. Does anyone have any experience with hamster fur? Is it very fragile and delicate?


I have seen it used on a man's waistcoat (also a scarf) by Marni too - but at the time I had no idea what type of fur it was! See it here: http://www.style.com/slideshows/2012/fashionshows/F2012MEN/MARNI/RUNWAY/019fullscreen.jpg


This furrier has the most stunning looking blankets in general. But I'm sure you've seen them. http://www.master-furrier.com/fur-blankets-c-6.html

I emailed them a few days ago just to ask some questions. The response I got was very friendly, but they appear to be very busy (a good thing) so I haven't had answers about the quality of hamster fur yet!

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I bet it's similar to chinchilla in terms of durability. Nice but fragile.

I'm guessing they put it on some kind of backing to reinforce it.

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