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I then went to the first floor of Harrods at the weekend to have a look at the fur coats. it was a bit disappointing, but I guess it was the end of the season.

I did spot a MINK gilet, which I tried on. I didn't buy it as it was a little small for me even though it was a large size, and it had a collar which I didn't want.

Also it was rather expensive, at about £5000, I'll need to ask Kostas at Mailon furs for a quote.


Now my fur lovers, please could you help me.

I would like to wear a sleeveless, collarless fur gilet, either MINK or SABLE, under my main MINK coat in place of a jumper that I usually wear.


I would like your advice on whether this is practical, as what should one do when I take off my coat, when at a restaurant or theatre, visiting my daughter or my father, or just at home. Should I continue to wear it, or if I take it off, I'm sure that I will be cold.

Personally while at home I would be completely happy wearing it, but I'm not sure my wife would agree.

What do you fur lovers think?

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I won't wear mink under mink, or any fur under fur, it will make you look big, really big! If you're thin to start with, then it might make you look like a turtle. Don't do it. Wear fur vest alone. How big is your mink coat? All my mink coats are prefect fit with silk shirts or thin knitted tops, there is no need to wear anything thick under a fur coat.

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Out in public, no, but at home, I agree.


Normally, I'd say you can't have too much of a good thing. If fur is good, more fur is better.

However, unless your goal is to push the envelope of fashion, I'd be more conservative in public. Would you want to get caught on film by Bill Cunningham and have your picture end up in the New York Times?






What consenting adults do in the comfort of their own homes is nobody's business.

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Thanks for your help.

I would like to hear other's views.

In answer to 'summersmorning', my MINK coat is fairly loose, and can easily accomodate an addition fur layer, if not more. I am fairly slim, and I think I don't look big with my coat.

And obviously worker 11811 is correct, more fur is better. In fact if I need to ask myself if I am wearing enough fur, clearly the answer is NO.

For the last 3 years I have achieved my first goal of wearing fur every day, I just thought that a MINK gilet would help me towards achieve my next goal of wearing fur a lot longer throughout the day. I am aiming to wear fur 24/7.


As I am based in the uk, I guess that I don't need to worry too much about billcunningham.

I don't think I would care anyway. What I do appreciate are the comments from strangers complimenting me on the furs that I am wearing.

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Besides capturing pictures of people wearing good or bad looking fashions in public, Bill Cuningham captures TRENDS in fashion as worn by everyday people as opposed to what is seen on runways at high class fashion houses.


Therefore, being photographed wearing fur, even excessive fur, could be a good thing. You could become a trendsetter!

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