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Has anyone... Visited the Russian district in Beijing?


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In another post, it has been mentioned that there are a lot of furs in Beijing, with the whole Russian town (yabaolu) being filled with fur shops and fur malls:






Has anyone visited here? Are there bargains, good quality bargains to be had?


Are the garments here Russian or Chinese made?

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I went there! I went in one of the shops in the fur mall, there were hundreds mink coats(all mink) in one shop, the price was about $3000 and up if I remember it right for a full length mink, I think the mink pelts were from here(US), they were good mink, beautiful coats indeed. The fur hats were pretty cheap in one of the little shops right down the street, about $50 each. The whole shop was filled with fur hats, it was pretty cool to look at. I didn't see any bargains on mink coats in the fur mall, but the malls are not cheap places to start with. For bargains you have to visit those little boutique shops, they were all over the city! For pearls and silk you can visit the Pearl Market http://www.tripadvisor.com/Attraction_Review-g294212-d321012-Reviews-Pearl_Market_Hongqiao_Market-Beijing.html There is also a silk market, but I think the Pearl market is cheaper.

For fur (coats) bargains you'd better find them in WangFuJing shopping area like this one, I saw some short fox coats there: http://www.thepurplepassport.com/picks/beijing/shop/jianhua-leather-and-fur/

For great bargains you have to go to Hebei(about an hr or two from Beijing) I heard, there is a huge fur market.......

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