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Japan in the Winter


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Sorry to tell you this but NO: fur is not the norm. I have a close friend who just returned from there. They tend to be more prudish than people in the USA if you can believe that. A ruff on a plastic coat is very common however (a sad waist of fur). IF you want fur to grace your body and indulge in go to China or S. Korea. I am a fur taker and I cannot sell or supply those countries fast enough with coyote and raccoon pelts.

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I have been to Tokyo, the winter there is pretty warm, there is no need to wear fur....a lot of walking, good exercise.

There are a lot of furs in Beijing, the whole Russian town (yabaolu) is filled with fur shops, fur malls.



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I lived over there for around 6 years. Faux is much more common and rampant than real fur. There are some places where you can spot women wearing real fur but this would be upper-class, high money areas like Yebisu and Yokohama-type areas. When it comes to real fur, you are more likely to see fur trim versus a full fur jacket or coat.

Locals there, that do wear fur, usually wear it around Decemeber-February. Any other time of the year it's pretty warm compared to other areas during this time. It can be found and you will see it but it's not that common.

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