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An idea of change....

White Fox

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Awhile back we asked you folks about your thoughts about this place and you posted a number of them. We thank you for that. In the mean time we have been trying to think of ways to work with your ideas.


We are still hoping to "redecorate" around here somewhat soon. This is still to come. It does take awhile to try to do such things in a way that they will allow easy updates, and make this place look more like "home", etc.


In the mean time...


***We have been thinking of a somewhat more major change. We are thinking of changing our forums here. This will actually mean fewer forums that would be used. The following is one suggestion showing the actual suggested changes.

1) The information zone

2) The fur den (including photos, and furriers corner)

3) The fur mall (eBay, other fur sales, and sales or advertisements of any fur related service/product/website)

4) The pub


The one word of caution here is that we MAY be able to merge posts from forums in together. However, we have not yet done any testing to see how this will act. Archiving old messages MAY prove to be difficult.


We hope though that this might make for a more "trim" place here. Ebay and sales messages will still be separate. All general fur related messages will be much more "Together" and everyone will know instantly where to post. etc. The Den would then be just much more "simple".


We would love to hear your comments. Please let us know your thoughts. As you know, we can't always follow due to set up problems and varying ideas but we do in fact try to make this place a home for the "members" here.


Thanks all (This message will stay up top for 10 days, and then gradually go toward the bottom. It would normally be posted in the "Information Zone" forum, but a message like this one is so important that we do not want to chance some members missing it.)


White Fox


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Sounds great, and is awesome that you are looking to keep the Den upto date. I personally don't have an issue with the current layout, although I have my favourite areas that I mainly stick to - main Den, FFA, photos and vids discussion and the Gallery. Are you able to see from the server which are the most visited areas of the site?

However it ends up looking like, it is the members and the content that make the Den what it is, so I hope that some of the older posts will be able to be archived, and definatly the gallery photos, it would be such a shame to loose such a broad and large collection of fur pictures.


Just my 2 cents/pence, I for one do certainly appreciate the effort that others put on to keeping this site up and running, so thank you.

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Rather "small" tests on this show that we should be able to keep all messages. And we can probably proceed in such a way that if a whole slew of posts are lost that we can go back to the original and simply not proceed if we decide. (i.e. losing NO posts.) So, I believe that we won't lose any messages with this but just wanted to qualify very slight possibilities there. At this time we have no thoughts of changes to the Gallery layout. The only thing there would be if someone liked a background colour better for instance. We can for instance make the background of the Gallery black. I myself actually prefer that one.


You are EXACTLY right when you mention the members make the place here. Especially the posting members. And our thought is that maybe by keeping the messages they post into a smaller area that it will be easier for all members to see them.


(With that I will keep quiet and hopefully others will reply here too.)

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