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The Hunger Games


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Not sure if this been discussed before but does anyone who has read the books enjoy the last book (Mockingjay) and the final issues in the Capitol whereby furs are mentioned especially falling to sleep in pelts.

Found myself quite enjoying the book and the imagery produced.




PS no images of the author Suzanne Collins found in furs....

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You couldn't pay me to read this type of trash. The Hunger Games is just a better written version of Twilight with a different plot and characters but it's the same type of lowest common denominator tripe peddled to the mindless American public. My taste in literature runs to The Life of Pi and The Corrections. I like accessible literary fiction, not mainstream pablum.



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Tricia, I think 'The Hunger Games' and 'Twilight' were really aimed more to the level of the teenage/young adult reader. By observation, I notice that it is very difficult to get some, or many, people that fall in that age range to read in the first place these days. I forced my way through the 1st Twilight book (my wife read through these fairly quickly; the most I have seen her read sometimes), and managed to sort of enjoy The Hunger Games (maybe I'll get to the others at some point).


We all have our own preferences for reading, and may vary depending on what kind of mental stimulation we want at the time.

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No disrespect, but I didn't ask for a critical appraisal of the book, just about the fact an author engages in imagery and use of fur which perhaps some of us might have just shared. If you have not read it, then perhaps don't comment.


Can we please leave our messages with kindness and respect, not vitriol and damming, just cos different people read different books - that's what makes us human, and the ability to enjoy difference is what makes for civility!



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