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Alpaca Fur


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Does anyone have any alpaca fur amongst their collection? And if yes, where did you buy it from?

I have purchased 4 coats and one rug from eBay. And they are all awesome.


I am thinking seriously of going to Peru - the land of alpaca - to see what fur garments are available.

I believe than many of the markets have rugs and coats that are very well priced - certainly a lot cheaper than on-line.


I notice from earlier comments about this topic, that some people don't like this fur as the hide can be quite rigid. And yes that can be a problem to be wary of.

For me, it is one of the softest furs around.


Here are a some examples of what I like - forget the expensive on=line prices








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The fluffy, white Bear in my avatar picture is made of alpaca. He has a baby brother who is also made from white alpaca.

They are both very soft, like touching a cloud!


Also, people who try to steal bandwidth from The Fur Den by hot linking pictures get this picture substituted instead:



Yes! The Official Fur Den Guard Bear is made from alpaca!

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You can find cheaper alpaca fur coats and rugs here in the US, try Amish alpaca farms, sometimes you can trade things with them too I heard......

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Having done business with a few Amish in the past, most of them live by the saying, "In God we trust. All others please pay cash."


However, different Amish communities are not always the same. They live in a patriarchal society where elders set the rules. If the ordnung (tradition) of the community allows, barter might be acceptable. It is also relationship dependent. If they know you well enough, they might.


I know a guy who makes extra money by repairing and selling old, mechanical adding machines for Amish owned businesses. Much of his business dealings are on cash terms. Half upon agreement to provide service. Half upon completion. Then, again, last summer I met up with him when he was wearing an Amish straw hat. When I asked him where he got it he said, "Jacob gave it to me."


When it comes to alpaca, I'd bet the Amish mostly use them for wool. They are stereotypically very frugal. They wouldn't sacrifice them for pelts unless they are too sick or too old to live.


In the area where I live, all the Amish I know of are farmers or tradesmen. (Carpenters and blacksmiths, etc.)

There's a village, about an hour's drive away from where I live known as Rundletown. There's a guy there who makes handmade, wooden picture frames and things.

There is a local store that sells his frames. I use them for my photographs. The guy does excellent work. I've been meaning to take a road trip and visit the guy but, since he doesn't use a telephone, it's hard to know when he's accepting "English" visitors. I'll have to call somebody who knows him and set up a face-to-face meeting.


Anyhow, I'd LOVE it if there was an Amish alpaca farmer. If I ever make it down, Rundletown way, I'll let you know if there are any.

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I have 3 baby alpaca blankets and they are Fabulous. I got 2 from alpaca pete's online, but I think they are out of business. The last one I got from a place in mall of americas and it is the softest of them all - LUV sleepeing naked under it. I have been to Peru, a amazing place with lots to see and do, but the alpaca products I saw there were of lower quality than what I got in the US. I will post some pics of my Fav blanket.

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Thanks Worker 11811 for the info on Amish Alpaca farms. I have never been to one, last summer rode bike to an Amish village (a long ride), wanted to visit the alpaca farm on the Amish trail map, missed the turn, ended up at a Amish horse barn.....tried to get the Amish boy to ride his horse for a race ....by the time I turned around it was close to 4:00 pm (they close their shops at 4:00!!), didn't make it to the farm, I was hoping to see alpaca furs, pelts, jackets..... I will go to that village again this Spring, if they sell any alpaca furs, I will let you guys know. What's the different between alpaca fur and lamb fur? They look the same to me, lamb fur should be cheaper since they are here and there and everywhere......

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That maxi coat looks awesome. Do you have one like this?

From just looking at pics online, the fur looks more woolly than other furs, like a cross between furs and sheepskin. Is this how it feels?

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The maxi coat does look awesome, but unfortunately I don't have one. It is on my wish list.

The only alpaca coats I have are older coats that I bought from ebay, and none of them are large enough to wear.

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