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lots of vintage furs at Victory Vintage at Whiteleys, London


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A few weeks before Christmas I was at the Whiteleys Shopping Centre in London and I saw a vintage clothing shop, called Victory Vintage. The shop's window display had a dramatic coyote/wolf coat draped over a black leather coat, which attracted me like a magnet attracts iron:) I entered the shop and was immediately greeted by a rack full of vintage men's furs! Mostly muskrat, nutria etc but there was coyote, too. The men's section featured a lot more vintage sheepskin coats and jackets, and wool coats with fur lining or fur collars. Remarkable! I then moved to the women's section, which had lots of mink jackets, stoles and boleros, but also a number of very fluffy foxes. There were two beautiful full length fox coats, one red fox and one crystal fox.


You may find better furs at cheaper prices on ebay, but this shop is at a well known shopping centre and I thought it could be a great way to introduce fur to your unsuspecting wife or girlfriend. One minute they are shopping at Zara, HM or Marks&Spencer, the next minute they are trying furs on at Victory Vintage. Very accessible, very friendly, no locked doors, buzzers, or uneasy locations. A casual vintage shop at a shopping mall.


Here, some photos I zapped with my phone, sorry for the low quality but it should give you an idea:

b8ca98232722794.jpg f80b7d232722837.jpg 90bc48232722900.jpg


This is the shopping centre's web page, for more information:


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