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Cruise Update


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Just returned from a cruise to the Canaries, and have to apologise that I was unable to abide to my rule that I must wear fur every day.


However, when waiting in the check-in area in Southampton, I saw a RED FOX gilet, and a knitted MINK jacket.

On the journey to the cruise port, in the terminal building, and whilst boarding I, of course, was wore much more fur.

I had my MINK lined leather jacket, my SABLE scarf, fur lined MINK cap, and CHINCHILLA gloves. For my daily fur I packed 2 MINK ties (one was longer than the other), and my summer suede jacket with the SABLE collar. I wore the short brown MINK tie to breakfast a few times (twice) and my SABLE enhanced jacket in Tenerife.


We were in Madeira and a cable car trip gave an opportunity to show off my SABLE trimmed jacket.

Also, it was New Year’s Eve, and we were docked to view the fireworks.


I planned for both of us to wear fur if it was cool enough up on deck. Fortunately that was the case and I wrapped my wife in my SABLE scarf (used as a stole), and used my MINK jacket, my long MINK tie, and lined MINK hat

We met some new friends there, so was a good opportunity to display a selection of my furs.


On departure, (wearing my FUR ensemble) I noticed several furs, especially a knitted MINK top worn by a Philipino care assistant. The older lady in the wheel chair was wearing a SABLE trimmed cashmere cape.

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