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can short guys wear a full lenght fur?


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hey guys


i come here specifically to this forum to ask a question... I would like to know if guy like me being 5foot 4inches @ 250pounds???

I am what most guys my age call me.. vertically challenged.. but yeah... i would just like to know what the minimal lenght

would be for me to wear a full lenght fur coat??


thank you

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At the height and weight stated, I would propose that you are "proportionately challenged".


While I do not have an answer to the question in the post, I think the answer to the question in the subject should be yes. I would advise avoiding furs where the pelts are worked horizontally as that might make you look like a ball of fur. A fur with the pelts worked vertically should be a reasonable look. As is frequently suggested, you need to find a fur that YOU think looks good on you.

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height correction

first of all, my apalogies..

I had a brain fart..

i am not 5ft 4inch, i am 5ft 7 inch tall.


ok, thus said, can a guy @ 5ft 7?? wear a full lenght fur coat

With out much problems??

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