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So the temps are dipping into the low 30's (Fahrenheit) so I have been wearing my rex rabbit jacket at any opportunity. This eveing, my wife said she was going to walk our dog. I said I would do it as I just wanted an excuse to wear my rex rabbit jacket (I didn't verbalize this). Later my wife said, if you want to walk with me go get your "fur thing" and let's go.


Hey, at least she acknowledged it! Is this progress?



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Given the wording as you stated it, it does sound like progress.


...not sure if it might be good or bad progress, but progress none the less...

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See! I told you so! taking some nice walks with your dear wife. I am a fortune teller! Get her a pretty rabbit fur coat, she will be crazy about you, back in the dating days.......you are just like two big kids!

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