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Merry FurXmas to all


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Just when the stress, the cooking, the bits to get....just gets a little too loud, chill back,


'slip a sable under the tree for me'....(Eartha Kitt),


and Relaxxxxxxxxxx.....


To our Northern Hemisphere friends up there in the big chill, have a Happy Furry Xmas....



(Its only 30'C here today!!!!)

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You know that Eartha Kitt played Cat Woman on the Batman TV show. Right?


But, did you also know that she was a fur lover?

Oh, you want evidence?


Exhibit A:


This quote from The South Manchester Reporter (U.K.)


With an instinct for survival which became as much her trade mark as her status of international seductress, she began to tour Europe, and it was while performing her cabaret act in the Manchester area that she met my grandmother, whose furrier’s salon was in Fallowfield.


Eartha Kitt was a great lover of fur - her lyrics when she sang ‘If I can’t take it with me when I go, I just ain’t gonna go,’ refer to her minks and sables and diamonds and pearls’ and reflected her own adoration for the trappings of glamour, and as well as buying a number of furs there, she became a friend of my grandmother who invited her to join her for meals when she was performing in Manchester.

(Scroll about half way down.)


And... Exhibit B:


Eartha Kitt sings "Santa Baby" via YouTube:


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....up from here in Canada! Home of Santa Claus! ...

Santa's home is usually listed as "North Pole". The town of North Pole is in Alaska (near Fairbanks). I am not aware of a North Pole in Canada.

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I hope that everyone received the furs they were hoping for under their Christmas tree!


Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays to all!



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AK, when you live in Canada we ALWAYS think of THE NORTH POLE as being in Canada. Just an old cultural thing.


FL, unfortunately one member didn't. ME! So, now I gotta start laying the ground work for next year...



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