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A facebook friend of mine posted a poster or saying stating the following: "Cuddling literally kills depression, relieves anxiety and strengthens the immune system." I re-posted the photo of the poster and got many anecdotes e.g.: "it works for me". I'd like to see the research. Not that I don't believe that there are benefits to cuddling, I'd just like to see how depression, anxiey levels and immune function were assessed.


So, I was wondering if the same might be said for wearing fur? I don't know about you all, but for me, putting on my fur jacket seems to puts me in a better mood and puts me at ease (I'm wearing my jacket now). I would predict that from this group, wearing fur or wrapping up in a fur blanket or wrapping a fur boa/scarf around oneself might also confer the same benefits. That being said, this group would be a biased sample as we all have a predisposed affinity to fur. On the other hand, we wouldn't necessarily want to wrap PETA people in fur as they have a predisposed aversion to fur, thus their respone would be very negative (if you could even convince one to participate). That being said, it would be kind of interesting (funny) to monitor thier blood pressure while "wrapped". At any rate, I'm just kind of thinking about extending current findings.

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I forget where I read this. I think somebody posted it here, on the Fur Den:


There has been research that has shown that tactile stimulation WITH FUR can help revive people from comas.

If that's true, cuddling with fur to relieve depression out to be a cinch!

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A furrier once told me that because fur is natural, when you stroke fur you don't get charged with static electricity, whereas faux fur will give lots of static electricity and that causes stress. He also told me that people with astyhma have no problem with fur as opposed to other fabrics.

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