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Furs in Oslo


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I posted this on the furfashionguide forum as well. I thought I would share with you that fur is really hot in Oslo, Norway these days. Not just short haired furs, and not just old ladies. No, young women with HAIRY furs like fox and raccoon are getting more and more popular.


Almost everyone are wearing jackets like Canada Goose with big collars, but even better, this week I first saw a girl, about twenty years of age, with a brown fox jacket. A full fur, fluffy jacket. And today I saw a young woman with a big, blue fox jacket. Full pelts.


A couple of weeks ago a woman on the subway was wearing a really big silver fox jacket, also full pelts. I kinda like this trend It seems like more and more young women are going the next step, from full pelt collars, to full pelt jackets!

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