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Fur weather? Don't laugh (too hard)!

Guest furlessinCA

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So, I called my furrier last week to tell her (her name is Bunny by the way) I'd like to get my jacket out of storage. She agreed and went on to say something like: "Yes it's getting cold now, the temperatures are getting down to 40 degrees!"


Hey, we have to take what we can get for ANY excuse to wear fur. Obvioulsy one does not need a full length coyote in this part of the country...though I'd probably wear one anyway.


Just to clarify, we expect temps in the high 30's this week...





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I wrote a reply to this earlier today. I must have forgot to push "Submit" though. So have to try again. Unless one of the mods deleted it on me. ha ha


I always love wearing a coat home from the furrier. What I most love though is the first time in the fall that I can wear a coat out in the cold weather with a bit of wind. That way you can watch the long hairs "shimmering" in the wind and light. Part of the real beauty of the fur.


Again, great to hear You and FF183 are out enjoying your furs. It is amazing how it has really just been so warm here I've hardly been able to wear them.


Hope some of the folks here who would really love to wear fur will get out and really enjoy it this year.



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