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A Fur Question

White Fox

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We have a question that we would like you to answer. And please. If you have never posted on this site before but just lurked in the distance we ask that YOU consider answering it as well. These questions help us make decisions in respect to the site.


1. Why have you came to this site to post or to just read and watch? What makes this or other sites of interest to you? What can we do to make them of more interest to you? But above all we want to know WHY you COME? Now then, if you are making a negative comment about another site please do not name them. If the comment is positive feel free to name them. We don't want to hear "I love Fur!" and nothing more. Yes, we know that already. But what draws you to a certain site. Feel free to say "I go to Site x because I like the XXX posts and will never change because of that!" Or for instance might you like the members of a certain site better than others. Might you like fashion photos where the gals WEAR the fur better than XXX for instance as a general rule? Please give us the guts of why you really attend that one site more than others. Why you like it better.


2. If you have made a new on line site about fur anywhere in the last three or four years or so. What did you want to be able to give to your audience that we could not give them here. ***We are NOT criticizing ANYONE for making their own site! We just would like to know what your aims are or were. Because maybe these comments can help either us here or other sites to fulfill those aims with other people. Is there a large area that you think we here are missing and we should cover? Maybe you did not like the way we display photos here? Or maybe you did not want to come to this site because you did not want anyone to find you had been here. Maybe you do not like our site owner. We would just like to know why. Feel free to send a message to a staff member if you do not want to post directly to the thread.


***Please do not hold back on these answers. We have big shoulders. And so do those on other sites. We would really just like to know what we can do to help either us to make OUR site better, or others to improve theirs. This is not a competition. No one is trying to put other sites off the air. There is room for all of us. So please give us your ideas. We are hoping this post will help our site, yes. But others as well.


***Yes, this post would have been better in another forum, but we know some people do not go to that forum, and since this post is of extreme importance I decided to place it here.


(There are a very few times that it is good to be a staff member.)


Thanks all

White Fox.

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I like to come to your site to see the pictures of men wearing fur. I am gay and your pictures tend to be different from other sights. I know that there are a few of us that love the fantasy of fur through writing stories. I would like to see a section for stories. But make it with specific categories for example; gay, bondage, straight, lesbian. (Whenever I go to the other major sights it’s hard to find updates of any kind for fresh new stories). I get frustrated with your sight because you restrict access even though I am a register member; no other sight does this; unless it’s a pay for porn (fur) sight.

I do not know how you keep your sight up and running without advertising (I am in the USA and am obsessed with fur. I buy single pelts rather than finished fur products because they are cheaper by comparison. My partner and I always use fur during or play time and neither of us have any concern as to the severe/widespread damage that we will inflect on these pelts; that is a major part of our fun. The point: I turned two major distributers of single pelts and they are both running ads on that sight now (one is in Canada). No one advertise where you can buy single pelts in Europe and points west. I am often asked about the sites in N. America but because of all the variations in international laws governing fur sales. I do not know of anyone on this side of the pond who is willing to ship overseas.

Update they look of your sight there is some information although interesting it’s redundant; such as the fur fetish section. Most people wouldn’t be here unless they had a full understanding of the term fur fetish (in other words information over load). Although the guy on your home page is very Hum! The vast majority of visitors to fur sights are straight men and women. I would update the profile of your home page; show both men and women enjoying fur but make it seductive and suggestive.

When I go into fur chat I want to be able to P.M. with other members. Because I want to be very explicit about where fur originates and how I like to use it. Recently I was in PC with a woman who apparently very comfortable financially. She told me about her visit to a fur farm and about the coat she had made. Then she went on to explain how her and her husband enjoyed that fur (she was very explicit; none of our text being realistically could be posted in general chat).

I hope I did not cross any lines but you did ask for some thoughts.

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Two extremely well thought out posts here. We need more like them though folks! This is your chance to really contribute here...


I am still thinking on how to reply to your last two posts here. There are some very detailed suggestions and observations in both, and it will take some real digesting on figure how to make them work. Both of yuo mention in different ways that we need to redecorate a bit around here. And although that is only one small part of your posts We do certainly agree.


We are and will be for awhile looking at your ideas here and thinking on how best to make them work within the "Structure" of this site.


Thanks again to all


White Fox

Admin and above all Member!

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I appreciate your post.


The question remains: specifically what can we change? What is good, what is not? I think it is more difficult than that.


I for one find the real thing missing is the dynamic members who posted a lot. Some have retired, some have died, some have moved on to other interests. All social groups... or even corporations require a dynamic leader who inspires.


I think the biggest reason no one is answering is because we truly don't know. We just now when we are interested in what is going on. It feeds on itself. Just as your post, Tryxie, is inspiring me to delve into this more. I wish we knew what to do.



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Just a quick explanation here.


Yes, there are hidden forums here. They are as follows.


1. The fetish forum. You can see it on the forums list and the details on how to enter. We need to be certain that no one enters who is under age so we have to be careful with it. It has not been used much lately. So, it may be deleted in the future.


2. Administrator's forum. The last time it was used was to discuss modifications of the GoDaddy simple control panel. It is strictly tech stuff that comes up that we might need to talk about. Most message in there I have NO idea what our tech guys are talking about! It might be used possibly once every 10 - 12 weeks or so maybe on average? It is simply a way for me to forward messages from GoDaddy to our tech guys.


3. Moderator's forum. is where we try to make certain people are all treated fairly here and mods are on the same page, etc. This is the only hidden forum that is used very much at all. Sometimes there will be no posts at all for two to three weeks. By times more often.


4. Two temporary forums. Neither have been used for probably two years at least. However, if a problem comes up and a member wishes to talk something out for instance, we could open a temp forum to do that.


I can't remember what the other one is that was referred to.


***In short the moderator's forum is the only one used much, and every mod will tell you it is a pretty damned boring place.


I just thought that we should explain this one.


***Added later. Just remembered. We do have members help in the Gallery from time to time to organize photos and name fur types in there, etc. So there is a forum they can use for that. I didn't check but I don't think it has been used in close to a year. It is simply a way for them to ask how to do something.



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I just found this site a little while ago and I like it a lot. I come here every week or so to see what's new. As a workin' class dog with no spare cash I like the fact that it's free as well. I know you ask for donations and I would help if I could.


As a legally blind person I usually don't get much out of fur pictures & videos so I haven't really checked out the galleries much. I do like the idea of a section for fur stories, I love reading those. Maybe there are some in the hidden forum, I don't know, I don't have access yet (hint hint).


Keep up the good work!

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One message that I seem to be hearing is that our stories area is too hard to find.


This is one of the tiny things here rather than the larger issues we hope to get at. However, it has been a concern addressed, so I think that we should think about that.


We do need to keep it protected a bit so underage eyes cannot find it. But that does not mean that we cannot make it easier to find.


While waiting for some more ideas to come here, we can try to work on that one to help solve it.


Thanks for the suggestions...

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I have loved fur since I was a young lad. For a long time I thought i was the only fur lover in the world. In the 90's i heard about Dapra Net, the foundation of the world wide net, when I worked for a aircraft contractor. When i finally got on the net in 1995, my first search term was "fur". I found mink mans site and discovered i was not alone in my love of fur. I have been reading and posting a bit on the fur sites.

I enjoy collecting pictures of people wearing fur. My first collection was print as that was my only source. Now i have about 4k photos on my computer and have them come up for 2 min on my background.

I come here to read and make some comments when i think an comment is needed. I also check out new photos in the gallery. and i am slowly trying to go through and download the photos i like.



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One other suggestion made was the lack of participation that members can have to the forums, or the site. That is, the way things work around here, etc.


With regards to moderators being elected, that is a bit tough as most members here do not know other members very well. I remember the first couple of times that I myself was involved with this, I was really quite "Stumped and confused". But that does not mean that the basic idea is not a good one.


The other problem is that we have asked from time to time who might be interested in participating to try to help with the site itself. i.e. figuring out just what we might be able to change to make things better here. It could be basic window dressings. Or it could be some other very deep issues.


If some members here would like to participate in such a group we would like to hear about that. You could "Nominate" yourself, or you could "Nominate" others as was suggested. We can only go so far as to changes. For instance we can't put a photo between the forum categories, as someone would have to have pretty extreme understanding of how the actual programming of the forums was done by the company who designed it.


But we can certainly change many of the things that are within our power to change.


If anyone is interested please let us know...



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What I was meaning here was that we have looked for a group of people to possibly talk about how to make improvements here and we would still like to have that.


As for moderators right now we don't need any extra. Believe it or not I think it might be as much as a couple of years here since even one single message was deleted or anything such. People know how we like things to work here and they pretty much just work together to do that.


I've no idea when we will need another moderator. But we certainly would like to get ideas from folks on how to improve the place, etc. What can we add that might make them think about posting. What can we subtract? Maybe some folks would like to take that on.


Maybe for instance people here would like to go back to just one forum instead of a number of different ones on different topics? Should we just have one or two albums in the Gallery instead of the different ones we have? Those are things we don't know.



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At the risk of offending a few people, I'll go over what I like as well as what I avoid.


Overall I very much like this site as it offers a sort of comraderie even though we are all in remote locations and really don't know one another on a personal basis. If it wasn't for the support I received from folks on this site, I would have lacked the confidence to wear my fur jacket in public (let alone put up with my wife's comments). So overall the site has, in a sense, been a place of refuge for me. I've worn my fur jacket to work at the university where I work. The students always get a big kick out of it. Some like it, some think I look like a "salesman" or other. I've had many people both male and female want to touch the fur. They all say the same thing "wow it's so soft" Many have a hard time taking their hands OFF my fur! I wouldn't have had the courage to wear my fur to campus if it wasn't for the den. Where I live/work is kind of an "animal friendly" environment too.


Withe regard to various areas: I think it is good that there are different areas to visit within the site. One of my personal favorites is the "pub". I like the riddles, comments, wishes and stories. Once I started a string/post whatever in the "den" and got one response of "what does this have to do with fur?" My first thought was "excuse me, I didn't know there were any rules that EVERY post in the den (as opposed to the pub) HAD to be about fur." This made me shy away from the entire site for a while.


On the other hand I found the "Fur Freak's" area completely distasteful. After gaining access to the FF area, I quickly realized that was not for me and I asked to be removed from access. NOTE: It kind of doesn't matter for me that I was removed from access, as as an individual, I simply CHOOSE not to visit the FF area even if I do have access. I find much of the material on the FF insulting and borderline creepy. But again, that is just me, and for the rest of you it doesn't matter what I think. Hey, it is whatever floats your boat. Believe me I don't think "ill" of anyone who prefers to visit the FF area. Further, I REALLY DON'T want to read about how various folks "satisfy" themselves. Again, this is personal to me, so when I see a poster (is this the correct term?) who consistently posts comments like fox fur is best for master...... I immediately turn off. To me what one does in the privacy of his/her own home is his/her business and shouldn't be shared. So I simply avoid those who post that sort of material. If you want to call me a prude, fine, I can live with that.


Another consistent thing I find offensive is the regular comments referring to women (I'm male...and because coyote 1(?) felt compelled to share that he is gay, I'll share that I am not gay...to me, this is irrelevent to this site and is personal). One comment a couple of years ago was how someone wished a model came with a coat on ebay. My first thought was "c'mon guy, there are many FEMALE members in the den." When I saw the ad, the model looked to be about my daughter's age. So again, I did not appreciate that comment. My wife already thinks that "only gay guys wear fur" additionally she calls me a "perve" whenever I suggest that we (my wife and I) get some fur toy like massage mitts. The model comment above, in an indirect way, provides evidence that might support my wife's assertion (NOT the gay assumption). That being said, I DO REALIZE that again we are all on remote sites. Perhaps the reason I am sensitive to objectifying females is that when I was about 13, my mother went on a date (my parents were divorced) and she came home with two black eyes after having been beaten up and raped. In 1968 or 1969, there was no such thing as "date rape". So, just in general, I am very sensitive to the objectification of women. Yeah, I just shared something VERY personal. So all of the above comments are things I, and I alone, have to deal with. I don't expect any of you to change what you do. This is my issue. But that being said, I might think we should respect our female members and curtail "the model is hot" kind of comments.


With regard to "this site is boring" comment. I find just the opposite. There is good, positive and thoughtful interaction here. That's what keeps me coming back. That and all the support that all the members offer. One great example is the new member from Hungary. He was so proud to show off his new remodeled black fox coat. All comments were so positive. Refur offered the most support (in my opinion). It is THIS sort of support that keeps me coming back (and help to meagerly offer financial support) to this site. The variablilty is good. The categories are good. I know where I want to visit, and where I don't. The various categories of the gallery are perfect (e.g. members in fur, celebrities in fur, etc.). That way we can search a specific area without having to wade through thousands of pictures that are of no interest to the individual...I don't visit the gallery too frequently, but I do go.


At this junction, I would like to offer my most sincere thanks to White Fox, AK and all the others (apologies to the administrators who I am not specifically naming) who make sure that the site is up and running and continue to truly respond to their membership with regard to improving content and maintaining the site. Also to various members: Refur always offers positive comments, Samurman is very knowledgeable on fur types (NOTE: I know you all are), Off, and many others.


O.K. gotta go to work.



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I want to offer my Thanks to those who have posted here as well. I really want to encourage others to post here too. This is how we really know what you do and do not appreciate.


I do want to remind all as well, that if you do not like a post here for some reason to let any mod know. We are certainly not all here every day, and things can get by us.


As you mentioned wearing fur is such a tremendous experience, for anyone here who would like to do it. I know that such is not something that all here like. Some do not like the idea, but that is something that we can all share. Some like the idea. Some don't. But I will tell you that today was my first day to wear fur this year, and I so loved the experience! Every year I look so forward to doing that! Walking into a restaurant. Walking into a museum.


Gotta go. Still hope to hear from others here on this. It is good to hear that you like the different areas as it is hard to know if we should keep our present forum set up for instance, or combine them to have less.


Comments folks?

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I think I have been following fur sites on the internet since at least 1996, so that makes me an old timer I guess. Of the many sites, forums and communities, the Fur Den is one of my favorites because I feel comfortable here. In some forums, it feels like the wild west! Here, the people are polite, civil and respectful. In some other forums, the owners and the moderators have a "love it or leave it" attitude that really puts me off. These are the positive aspects of the Den.


I have expressed my opinions on the shortcomings of the site on several occasions, so here let me briefly summarize. In terms of the forum and gallery software, the Den is seriously lacking and outdated. This forum runs on phpBB, which I believe is free. An alternative might be vbulletin, which may cost about $100 but is much more customizable. It is DIFFICULT and TIME CONSUMING to post pictures to the gallery and CUMBERSOME to include gallery pictures in the forum posts. I find it much simpler to simply upload pictures to a free image website which readily gives me thumbnail links that I can easily paste into a forum post. I already have thousands and thousands of pictures in my personal archive, so what I am looking for in the gallery of a fur site is searchability, tagging, and community interaction.


Overall, the site seems stuck in the internet days of the 2006, whereas we are in 2012! In 2006, I had a shaky 256kbit fixed internet connection and no mobile at all. Now, I have 50mbit fiber optic internet at home, even faster connection at work, and a mobile connection that easily gives me 5mbit downloads and a generous quota. In 2006, I thought twice before downloading a 700MB video file. It would take several days through the file sharing network known as emule. Now, I regularly download blue ray movie rips in excess of 10GB from the bittorrent networks and it takes just a few hours!


In 2006, we had Webshots as a popular photo exchange platform. Now, we have so many alternatives: flickr, picasa, etc. But now the emphasis is not in uploading pictures but sharing them through social media, so we have facebook, instagram and Pinterest. Pinterest is especially interesting, because it enables you to reach a wider audience. There are numerous add-ins or extensions for Pinterest for Chrome or Firefox browsers, which enable you to select any photo from any web page and "pin" into a board on your Pinterest account. With Pinterest, you can easily build a board that is dedicated to "sable fur collars on mink coats", "silver fox vests", "huge power foxes of the 80s style", "puffy down coats with fur trims on their hoods" etc, and it is a joy to watch an endless stream of pictures on your screen. As you move more and more towards the fashion aspects of fur, there are many other alternatives. There is fashiolista, there is polyvore, and there are countless lookbook sites where you can look at the outfits of "real" women, and vote and comment on them. My point is that in 2006, the concept of "fur site" or "fur forum" made sense because there was limited content and limited means of community building. Now that you can have many different types and levels of interaction through social media, things get quite confused and complex.


The site has different sections, all very useful by themselves, but there is something missing to bind them all together. For example, the Links section is useful but wouldn't it be great if we as members could leave comments for each link, just as we could leave comments for each photo? We now have Google Maps and even Google Street View, so why not add that functionality into the links section? How about adding foursquare check-ins?


I know that the site is run by volunteers and relies on a few individuals and the support of a limited number of people. I am aware that some of the things I describe may be impossible to execute. But, we should be aware of the larger forces of the internet and social media to get a proper perspective of where the Fur Den fits in today.

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Just a couple of quick comments so people know how to answer here.


First the negative one. Unfortunately anything with cost is pretty much "Out". Unfortunately there is a very good chance that our site may have a rather limited future, since we have had so few donations here this time. We have some time yet, but it is looking difficult. We can continue for a fair while yet. But further finances are not a great chance until we get things back under control. We just can't expect our staff here to pay for everything.


Now the positives. Links. I do love your idea on that one. I was actually going to delete our links section as it has become outdated. There really isn't an "In date" one anywhere any more. Ours used to be, but it just takes so very long to keep updating it yearly checking and rechecking each and every link there. But I do like your idea. As long as people realize it is in wiki, but it is exactly the same way as you post in Wikipedia for instance, then they would realize just how easy it is to post there.


I am wondering as I type this. Are pictures here outdated totally for instance? The problem though with some of these other picture sites is that we link to all of these places, and when members come back in a year or two years to look at the posts, then the links are so often gone.


Even Brandy has not posted lately. She did SO much work here on pictures but no one can be that dedicated if almost all members do not even take the time to thank her for the work.

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I am not sure changing forum software would do much more than confuse those members who are comfortable with how phpBB works. As WF mentioned, anything that increases costs is "out". Vbulletin would cost $250 initially and another $200+ anytime an update is needed. There are message board packages other than phpBB that are free and have a GPL license, however I have not as yet researched any of them.


This brings up the thought of if we need different/additional functionality (different software package), or just need to change the look (window dressing). There are various "styles" available on the phpBB.com website that could update the look, but might cause technical hassles anytime the board software is updated.


The links area in the wiki could easily lose its edit restrictions, but that might open it up to spammers posting links to webpages containing malware. Also history has shown that very very few members have been willing to contribute to the wiki in any form. Keeping a links list current can be a lot of work and it has proven very difficult to get any members to assist with that task. In short, keeping a website (any website) "current" and "fresh" is a lot of work and for the most part the members here (both staff and regular members) either do not have the time and/or are not inclined to expend the effort.

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I think I have not been clear enough, and I realize it's because I have been confused myself-there are a few separate trains of thought that I presented in a confused manner.


Firstly, my ideas can be read as suggestions to "improve" the forum as it is now. We can add this, improve that, make the site more accessible and navigable and hope that people will come. But then, there are certain limitations of the Fur Den that puts it at a disadvantage. Since it is based in the US, there is a limit to the XXX-rated images and videos that can be shared here. For certain people, who admittedly make up a large percentage of the fur community, that is not enough and they will go elsewhere. A thread about "fur escorts" cannot be opened here, whereas it is okay for some other fur forums. Another disadvantage for the Den. Most importantly, there is a vicious (or virtuous) cycle regarding popularity. In order to attract people, your site needs to be popular. But people go to the sites that are already popular.


I see you mostly interpreted my post in this light. But more importantly, I was trying to make a deeper point regarding not just this forum but the idea of forums in general as virtual communities. I argued that in 2006, forums might have been the only way to build an online community, but today it's not the case. So that puts the whole endeavor in question.


If you are comparing the Den to other fur forums and thinking about ways to make the Den more "competitive" that's some thing, but I tried to say that's not sufficient today. Take facebook for example. Let's see how the Den compares to facebook, point by point:


- On facebook, I have nearly 1000 friends and I follow numerous fur groups. Every day, there are literally hundreds of pictures, videos, links and all sorts of posts that are like forum posts are shared on my facebook feed. It takes me five minutes to consume the daily traffic on the Den. It would take more than an hour to go through everything on facebook, every day.

- On facebook, I can post pictures and I can select who gets to view those pictures. I can limit a picture to only "fur loving females" or "hardcore fur guys" or "fashionistas who like fur" or "fur lovers in the US". When someone "likes" or leaves a comment on picture I posted, I get notified. I could have posted that picture today, yesterday, or six months ago, it does not matter-I will still get notified.

- On facebook, I can easily see who is online among my friends, and start a text based or video chat with them. In the meantime, I can go to their wall, look at their pictures and comment on them. Facebook even saves chat text so that I can read them later.

- On facebook, if I post a link to a youtube video, the video directly appears on my feed. People can watch it without leaving my page and comment on it.

- I can access facebook from my smart phone or tablet easily.

- On facebook, I follow dozens of furriers and fur designers, including Dennis Basso, Igor Gulyaev and many others. I get to see behind the scenes photos, promotional offers and lots of photos of their collections.

- facebook is a public company with a 50+ billion dollar valuation. When I am spending time, posting pictures and videos to facebook, I am making an "investment" in the future of facebook. I am pretty sure facebook will be around in five years. But will the Fur Den be? I dunno.


So, the question is not "how can we make the Den better compared to other fur forums" but "how can we make the Den better compared to other forums, facebook, twitter and the gazillion other virtual places on the internet"


Trixie Trash said "forum software is forum software". OK. But forum is not the only way to build a community. In 2006, the only viable alternative to the forums was Yahoo Groups, and even then, they had their limitations. But today, you can build a community in facebook. Heck, facebook itself is one gargantuan community. A fur lover could happily live in facebook without ever subscribing to a fur group in facebook. You can build a community on twitter. Just make sure you add the hashtag #FurDen to your tweets, and the Denizens will easily find you. Then there is Pinterest, Google+, blogs etc.


When you are thinking within the forum mentality, you assume that there are a bunch of people-fur lovers or fur fetishists, who would like to join fur forums, and you are thinking of ways to win over them. I am arguing that this mentality is outdated. A future Fur Den member who was 14 in 2006 is 20 years old now. His internet experience mainly consists of facebook, twitter, foursquare, pinterest, etc. He doesn't know neither does he care much about the old internet that thrived on forums.


Furthermore, there are so many people who would never think of joining a fur forum (because they do not self identify as fur fetishist or fur lover) but you can engage with them just fine in these different social media channels. I have a beautiful lady from Naples, Italy, who loves the photos I "pin" on Pinterest, but she would never join the Den. For her, fur is just great fashion.

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The links area in the wiki could easily lose its edit restrictions, but that might open it up to spammers posting links to webpages containing malware. Also history has shown that very very few members have been willing to contribute to the wiki in any form. Keeping a links list current can be a lot of work and it has proven very difficult to get any members to assist with that task. In short, keeping a website (any website) "current" and "fresh" is a lot of work and for the most part the members here (both staff and regular members) either do not have the time and/or are not inclined to expend the effort.


Editing wiki pages may be intimidating to many users. And I was not referring to the ability to edit the links page in the wiki. I would like people to be able to comment on each of the links, share their experiences etc. So, here is an idea: Create a specific forum for furriers, fur salons and online fur sellers, where each thread would be reserved to a single seller. This way, when someone wants to make a contribution, she simply replies to the thread. Let's say someone finds out that the furriers' address has changed. No need to involve or bother the OP (original poster) or a moderator; she can simply add that information in the thread.

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So, here is an idea: Create a specific forum for furriers, fur salons and online fur sellers, where each thread would be reserved to a single seller. ...
An interesting concept, but I wonder if it would really work. Fur sellers are motivated by sales, and I doubt such topics would lead to many actual sales. Thus I doubt many fur sellers would provide any info or check that info posted about them was accurate or current. Having members share information on various fur sellers is great, but I think the forum format might not be the best way to present the information. However I would be willing to give the idea a try.


A sub-forum of this forum (Fur Den) or possibly of the eBay+ forum would be the best location.

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I enjoy this site! I am not much of a contributor to this site, but i enjoy reading and hearing other peoples thoughts about fur. I consider myself as a person that has a fur fetish. To me, there is nothing more attractive or sexy, than a woman in fur! I do not wear fur myself, but my fiancee does. I do not have much time to be online, with working almost 12 hours a day Monday thru Friday, then handling the usual chores at home. I do visit one other site, The Love of Fur and I enjoy it. The videos they do are great, they are really sexy and keep me thinking of new possible situations. Though due to our current money situation, I am not able to be a member there. I go there and view the new update blogs. I am one of the guilty members here that do not show enough appreciation to the den by posting my comments and thoughts and by not expressing to the people like Brandy, my thanks for her great work she does with her section and the beautiful pictures she posts here.

To me, my favorite things about this site are the posts of pictures, and the links to the fur stories. I am not versed nor very computer savy, so I do not know if I could make any contributions on how this site could look better or even run better. I just wish I was financially able to donate to show my appreciation to this site, for being a great place to spend what little spare time I have! I do not know if I have addressed any of the topic questions, or if I have just rambled on about nothing, but that is what I have! To the Moderators and Administrators, please keep up the great job you do, and I will try to be more active in the future! Thanks!!!!

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I have been a member of many fur sites over time and had the pleasure of seeing lots of different sites / forums and input. Some of us pour lots of ourselves into these sites, others are more reserved.

It also depends on what phase you are 'at' when you arrive at these sites. Newly discovered 'fur' feelings create a huge adrenalin rush, a desire to seek information out, and a need to be 'included'.

Too many different sites dilute the experience.

No-one has the right answer for everybody's need.


For myself, I have less time. I don't have a need to download every fur image available. I don't need to discuss where fur sits in my life (our life) and so I don't have to input lots of ideas and topic replies. I therefore don't reply to every post, and do not feel the need to check my 'post' count every day. That does not mean I am disinterested, just more relaxed and willing to let the comments flow and ebb.


A site like this needs to be present to allow a broad depth of discussion. Not to be too specific. To be able to morph as time moves with its members. It needs to be a safe place for new arrivals, it needs to be welcoming to one and all, but also to be respectful to everyone. Ideas must not create disrespect, and boundaries must be set and kept for the good of the internet and this site.


I love this site. I don't have enough hours in the day to do more for it. I am content to let it be the 'safe' place for furlovers to start out on, to come back when they want, and to be a directory of other sites if more targeted options are needed.....'smoking and fur for example'.


Whatever changes are needed, I will not give up.....but if someone can make a standard day 36hrs I would be most grateful.



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