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A Night at the Symphony


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Hello All,


Last night I took my wife to the Symphony to see Ravel's Bolero.


She wore the Golden Island Fox Swing Coat that I purchased for her. It has a 110 in. sweep. As good fortune would have it, it was snowing when we arrived so we had the opportunity of walking to the Symphony Hall in the falling snow with her in her Golden Fox. A sight for good memories.


When I was checking her coat in at the Coat Check Room, the attendant remarked what a beautiful coat it is. I think she enjoyed handling the coat.


As we were leaving, I saw only one other lady in fur. She had a stroller length coat with Silver Fox cuffs and collar. It looked very smart on her.

Otherwise not much fur.


Speaking of Holiday Furs...I intend to take my wife to a very nice restaurant during Christmas and she can wear one one her 8 fur coats.


We'll probably go to Riverwoods Plaza and see the Christmas lights in our furs too. Might take a granddaughter with us when we go and dress her in fur too.



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What a great inspiration for us all. You didn't mention wearing fur at the Symphony! I sure hope you are getting the chance to wear it to lots of other places. So far here it has still been all wet cold rain. Far from fur weather.


Such a great story. Thanks for the input...



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Here are her choices:


F/L Canadian Cherry Red Fox w/ 22 inch deep cape collar

F/L Golden Island Fox

Golden Island Fox Swing Coat

F/L Silver Fox w/ 18 inch deep cape collar

F/L Hooded Coyote trimmed in Shadow Fox

Silver Fox Stroller

F/l Mink with Fox Sleeves and fox tuxedo trim

Silver Fox Parka


Red Fox trimmed Leather Gloves and Red Fox Hat included

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