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Where's the bar?


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You are not going to believe this one!


I was working today researching on a legal issue and I came upon a record which stated the patient had been hospitalized due to wrecking his motorized bar stool... yes, it said motorized bar stool! A variety of images ran through my head, including visons of a few of my old ski buddies came to mind. They would think up something like this. Then a co-worker who I had shared this OMG record with, Googled it.




want to buy one??




Well this isn't nearly as interesting as the stories I had from my fur store, but this one I had to share!

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This is better than the motoized cooler! I have a picture of a guy at Sturgis on a motorized cooler. He weighs at least 300 pounds... the ultimate in American laziness (sorry, but I am an exercise physiologist).


At any rate, that was GREAT Linda! Thank you! People amaze me, and I thought a student getting a DUI on a bicycle was funny! (note: where I am, not uncommon)


Perhaps we could be entertained by some of your "old" fur store stories.


Thanks again!



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I could see a motorized bar stool as a way to really have some fun some night as long as it was electric. However, I think I would top it off at maybe 5 mile per hour. That would be SO top heavy, so going at 30 mph would be so far out into non safe that I would never be able to escape unscathed!


Or you know maybe make it remote control at 30 mph or even higher. Wait some night until a cop's car is driving by, and have this motorized bar stool with no one near pulling out around the cop's car as it drove along and pull back in in front of it and drive away! NOW that would be a classy trick! Oh yes, and have a scanner there to listen to the conversation back and forth.

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Electric wheelchairs can go 10 MPH or better. The fastest one that is made for consumer use that I know of can go 11.5 MPH.


One of those Segway, stand-up scooters can go faster than 12 MPH.


Now, if one could get hold of his own electric motors and parts, there's no reason he couldn't make an electric motorized device that goes even faster.

I don't see why 20 MPH wouldn't be achievable. Possibly even 30.


I think the limiting factor would be batteries. Both weight and capacity.


How large would a set of batteries need to be in order to propel a vehicle at that speed?

How long would the batteries last before they needed to be recharged or replaced?


Oh! Safety! Why even worry about safety?

If you're going to build a motorized bar stool, you're probably going to be pretty liquored up, anyway. Right?


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Sorry worker, but making a mortized bar stool. One would have to be sober when using a welder, or a bending brake (for the tubing for the frame). Or doing assembly on it. Maybe when you concived the idea you were drunk. but the building and assembly of it, you could not be drunk. You might create a pretzel shape of the tubing for the frame, then try to eat it.



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