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Things change - but, somethings remain the same


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To all of my wonderful friends on The Fur Den:


I joined the Fur Den under the most unusual circumstances. It was one of those things that you forever remember. I smile at the memory. I smile when I think of my various friends that I found here, many of which I don't get a chance to hear from now. I miss them. I wonder where they are. How they are doing? Their lives have changed and they have moved on. But, I will never forget them. I will never forget the successes we shared and the life events we shared.


That was when many still had to hide and were ashamed to wear furs. Sometimes we were actually afraid to wear our furs. That was before FaceBook and many were new to Internet friends then.


No more. Things are different now. Not bad. But, they are different.


Most of my changes as a member are becasue I no longer have the wonderful stories to share which I experienced in owning a fur business. It was a situation where I couldn't wait to share an experience with all of you when I came home. You laughed with me and could feel the same warm feeling when we heard of others who loved the magnificance of fur.


Now I play the role of the reader. Don't think that means I care less. But, it does mean my presence is not as visable and yes, less frequent. I now have a new passion which is trying to help our wounded Veterans. It is a passion that I feel as great as my love of fur.


With that all said, I have not given up on The Fur Den. It is a home I hope I can always return to. But, I cannot ask, and... you cannot ask, that all the fine Administrators and Mods, to not only give of their time, but their money. We must help support this site, or eventually it may die from the feeling that no one cares enough to bother. They have turned down advertising and those horrible pop-ups to make this feel personal, not professional. This site uses every dollar you contribute only for the services we use. But, now the Adminis have started to pay out of their pockets. They don't wnat to ask for what they feel members should want to give out of their love of the site. This is wrong. It is more then the money. It says we members are users and don't care enough to help keep the lights on. It hurts. It hurts them deeply.


I am asking each of you, to contribute what you can to help us keep the lights on. If you truly cannot afford, that is different. But, if you care. Please pay through PayPal today.


With all love my love and devotion.




PS. Can't seem to get my spell check to work. Sorry.

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Well today something happened I just had to share with you. It is posted in the Pub. Not as good as the stories I could share from my fur store days, but this one was funny!

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THANK YOU LINDA FOR YOUR WORK WITH WOUNDED VETERANS! I am thanking you not just because my son is a Navy corpsman at a Marine base, but because these men and women sacrifice their lives and their loved-ones' lives to serve OUR country (of course not Australia, or UK or others). Agree or disagree in what our soldiers are engaged (in general, I don't agree, but again, my son is a corpsman and would like to deploy to Afghanistan, indeed he was to deploy, but it fell through) we still need to support our soldiers and especially our wounded warriors. I still cringe at the harsh lesson we (hopefully) learned from our Vietnam vets.





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