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holiday furs

Guest tom4fur

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Mine is matching Artic Wolf and my wife's Coyote trimmed in Shadow Fox w/ trimmed hood....for shopping excursions, matching Silver Foxes for going to breakfast at the Silver Fork Lodge, and an assortment of F/L foxes or her F/L Hudson Bay Mink with the Fox sleeves and Fox tuxedo front for her when we go to high brow events.



Drive PETA crazy. Wear you Furs in Public.

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I'm not so particular about the kind of fur. Although I do like some kinds of fur better than others, what I REALLY want is a room about the size of an Olympic swimming pool filled waist deep with fur!

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I am of the opinion that holiday time or not, one should make sure that the amount of furs we are wearing is as many as possible.


I have to agree with you! I don't want any of my furs to feel left out. I love to put on differant skins when I go out. Most of all I like to hear the comment as my friends pet, fondel and ogeal my furs.

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