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What would YOU do to get a fur?

Guest furlessinCA

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Along the lines of furslave's question of addiction, I have often wondered what I might do to get "the fur of my dreams". So, I am wondering what people here might do. Would you run a marathon? Would you run 100 miles (I almost got to do this once, long story of why I couldn't). Would you streak a formal affair somewhere? Would you eat a tarantula? Would you shun your best friend? I wouldn't do this last one. Would you have s-e-x with a distasteful person? Would you write a celebrity asking them to buy you a fur (e.g. PLEASE P-Diddy, I NEED a fur...)?


Just thought I'd throw a curve ball in the works.

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Hmmm, interesting question. I would ask a celeb. for a fur if I thought it would work.

I must admit I have lied in the past to obtain furs. I also stole a fur collar once.

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FL: your response made me laugh out loud! I suppose if we were on facebook (silly me, I mean FB) I would have written "LOL".


At any rate, that's a good one. Frankly it could almost work. Doesn't some group ask for furs and then donate them to homeless people?


Thanks for the $$ for the den too!

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