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White Fox

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Folks, I hate so much to write this note but I am afraid that we are going to have to begin to allow rather large advertisements on this site. Linda mentioned about our need for donations, and we did not even begin to come close to getting to the amount that we need to cover our costs from that message. We have tried to think of other ways to try to cover this difference, but there is just no way to do it. Without the donations to the site we have no other recourse but to begin to allow commercial advertisements here who will pay us for the space. Other suggestions like deleting our Gallery are just not workable at the moment for various reasons.


I have always taken pride in this place being free of ads. And I want to point out that even when we do this we still need revenue through donations to make up the difference.


I am sorry for placing this note on this forum, but I know that there are a fair number of members here who do not read sticky messages, or messages in our announcement forum.


I really want to thank everyone here who has donated in the past and tried to keep our site free of advertisements. This really is a very sad day for me to announce this. However, unfortunately there is just no other way to keep up with the expenses here.


Thanks so much folks for those who have helped in the past


White Fox


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