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What would u guys think about a furden app for android and iphone pho.rs??

Do yall think that this could work for smartphone users??

Maybe somethinh with a live screensaver with ladys in furss or

Some furry background pica... call me crasy but i think

If this app was only .99 cents or 1.99 . this would help jeep

The site up and rumning..... Thats my two cents for the

Night before i goto sleep...

Plz keme know what u guys think about this App idea

thanks, paul2809

Thus is only an idea..

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While I like the idea of an additional income source for the Den, I foresee a couple of hurdles that might kill it -

a) I doubt there are any experienced smartphone developers among the membership;

and b) we would also need to reformat the pages for mobile devices which would mean massive changes to the underlying server applications which is something the technical staff does not have any experience doing and probably does not have the time to do.

Remember that this is a hobby site and is NOT run by web professionals.


While this idea might not be developed, we welcome any such suggestions.

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I have put an indigo fox background onto my tablet and it looks great. I know with google you can have revolving pictures so maybe an app is not needed....



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  • 4 months later...

I myself am thinking of an application for my store.

There are some costs involved and monthly fees as well. Do you guys believe it will be worth it?

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I've been thinking about this, lately.


First question to making an app for this or any website is to consider what you want it to do. You could make a great-looking, fun app for your store or your forum but, if it doesn't do anything useful, what good does it do? People might download it and use it for a few hours but, eventually, it will get deleted. All that time and money will be spent developing an app but it will be for nothing.


I've been thinking about getting into developing iPad/iPhone apps. That is the first hurdle: I have to make something that people want and will use.


One thing about forum apps. There is a forum app called Tapatalk: http://tapatalk.com/

It allows the user to keep track of one or more social/forum websites without using his browser.


We could set the Fur Den up for Tapatalk IF there was enough interest.

That's one of the biggest problems I have with making improvements to this forum. Apathy.

I spend a lot of time doing things, writing stories, making art and working on the website but nobody seems to give a rat's ass.


Now, I know that there are several people who visit the Fur Den and Wool Forums using Androids, iPhones, Blackberry or other mobile devices. IF these people would use Tapatalk, I would consider activating it on the Fur Den and/or the Wool Forums but, if nobody else but me will ever use it, I'm not going to waste my time.


Further, IF this forum's mobile usage is high enough, it is possible to write a customized version of Tapatalk just for the Fur Den. That would involve expense on the developer's part. (Me.) If that expense is justified, I could be persuaded to do it.


It would cost $99 for me to pay Tapatalk's setup fee. It would cost me $39/mo or $588/yr to keep it running. There's no way in hell I could bear that expense on my own. We would probably have to make it a paid app and it would probably take extra donations from the membership to keep it going.


Given the level of interest around here, or should I say lack of interest, I don't see this happening any time before Hell freezes over.


However, I'll give the membership a chance to convince me otherwise.

If you don't want to post a message in this forum, send me a P.M.

If you don't want to send me a P.M., send me an e-mail: (my username)@thefurden.com


If you don't want to do that, for cryin' out loud! Send a freakin' carrier pigeon! Something!

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