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Lady Gaga in a spectacular fur coat! (badger?)


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On August 13th, Lady Gaga left her hotel in Sofia, Bulgaria in a spectacular fur coat. I think it is a feathered badger coat. What do you think?


Hat tip to Mr Mockle!


abd8mlVt.jpg acpFamvI.jpg acm3pSXV.jpg acgdbT9V.jpg adxHaS4N.jpg adiuTNcY.jpg adsfcXUC.jpg abpdp0YZ.jpg


By the way, it appears that Lady Gaga has been wearing lots and lots of fur in the past month, and it could well be that we will see her more in furs this winter, so stay tuned for Gaga!

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In the first two pictures it looks like she's carrying a Teddy Bear. Looked again and saw it was a little dog.

I bet he's nice and cozy, warm!


Lucky dog!

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It can't have been that cold, as half the crowd are in short sleeve t-shirts. Even more of a sign that she loves fur. It looks similar to a racoon fur in texture and hair length, but not in colour. Any other thoughts?

She looks really good in these pics, quite old skool glamour which she carries off well. Nuch better than some of her more 'out there' looks

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