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screensavers for android phones?


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Hi guys

, is thefe anything out there as far as screen savers for the android phones??

I have a new android smart phone and i have some pics of furs but id like to

Have something more for my phone.

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I don't own an android phone (by Google). Screensavers were originally delevoped for CRT monitors that have a persistance. I remember seeing the LOG in screens burned into the CRT terminals at work back in the 80's. The reason screen saves persist today is people love loking at slide shows of their photos. On LCD and LED screens the chance of burn in is small. and i was reading about it on the net. Viewing 1000 4:3 dvd,s on a 16x9 lcd tv may cause a burn in of the black on either side of the screen.


what i am trying to say the reason for screen savers went away with the CRT monitor. On the smail screen phones, the LED screen has no chance of a burn in effect So a search for a screen saver mat be futile. maybe looking for a slide show program might be the answer.

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I think what the original poster is looking for is called "wallpaper" - a background image for the screen. While no specifics of the OP's phone or carrier were provided, frequently the carrier's version of the Andriod OS comes with several wallpapers pre-loaded on the phone and thus available. In my case, my Droid Razr sold by Verizon has 12 wallpaper images pre-installed. I only need to go into Display settings to change the displayed wallpaper. Additional images could be downloaded, but I have not explored that option.

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