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I saw Horst last week to pick up my Red Fox spread and drop of my White Fox (Flank Pieces) spread for repairs and cleaning.


General discussions ensued and I got a few more details on those that were picketing his store.


Seems the leader of the pack works for the Oregon EPA of all things and still does.


Since the FBI convinced him it was no longer a good thing for him to harass Horst (I like that ) he has gone on to screw things up in other areas of Oregon.


Pigs .. specifically wild pigs. While other states encourage its hunting citizens to go out and blow away as many wild pigs as they possibly can this guy has put a band on even harassing the pigs.


Wild pigs are growing in numbers exponentially now and are getting worse than the Deer which there is a near open season on in some parts of the country. It's a big sport in Florida to hunt and roast lots of wild pigs as it is in Kentucky and Tennessee. The long legged ones make for excellent smoked hams.


Of course, except for footballs, there isn't much value in wild pigskin.


We celebrated the deaths of, perhaps several hundred thousand Nutria in the last Gulf hurricane flooding. Only a tinny dent in the population in North America.



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