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New York


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Going to be New York next weekend for the US Open. Hope I can make it to the fur district and reconnect with some of my former vendors. Have such wonderful memories of that time in my life.

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That works!


Take a pic (if you like).


Are you rooting for anyone in particular? Is Rafael Nadal going to be there or is he injured? I thought I heard that. That guy is AMAZING! I'd love to see Serena Williams play also. So much power!


Have fun!



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Have a great time in NYC! I haven't been in the city in ages. Wondering if the fur district is still vibrant, or whether it's now inhabited by only a handful of furriers. Personally, I'll be in Philly next weekend.



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Were you able to see the Roddick-Fognini match? I started watching about half way through the third set. What a match! Obviously Roddick has a lot of fan backing. I hope he goes (went if you see this after your return) all the way!


Hope the trip was great!



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My trip changed a bit. Got a three day flu just before we left.


The Open was great. Went Saturday and Monday. Was with a group so didn't get to the fur district this trip. Next trip I will. It is less than 3 hours by train.


It was cool enough there could have been fur there last night.


Sunday we walked the High Line for first time. Visited Little Italy and Chinatown. Spent several evenings in the Village. Love NY.

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