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To All:


With the way I operate (i.e. behind the curve), most of you all probably already know about this video and blog, but I couldn't resist as the video is fun!





Hopefully it isn't a "competitive" site which dilutes user visits to each site.





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Neat video...


That is indeed a great video. And no I had not seen it before. Was really glad that you posted it!


As to your comment though on other sites. You really have hit the nail on the head there. Everyone wants their own site, and we understand that certainly and for that reason we will even try to help others as best we can. But you are correct that every time someone begins a small fur site like that it divides the audience up again so each site gets fewer and fewer members. In the end we end up with a whole host of sites who cannot pay their bills, and suddenly all begin to collapse. That is actually why we formed the wiki area of our site, and the area where Brandy posts. It allows us to work together instead of against one another.


Anyhow, great find indeed! Sure glad that you found it...



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