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Please some one help


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Sorry to post this here but im desperate Please the file earendril posted with the ladies dancing in fur well this is as far as i get I get to the part where you enter a number right then after that it goes to a page that says Browse or upload what are you supposed to do cut and paste the link in that little window as when i dont put anything in there and press upload it sends me an error message saying you have to select a local file first or something like that if someone can help it will be much appreciated

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Unfortunately, I could not get in to the file either as it would take about a day to load it at my slow speed and probably the system would cut out long before that happened. However, it sounds like you are doing a copy and paste of the three letters or numbers that it asks you to post. I don't think that will work. Look at those letters it asks you to enter. If they are RXP then, simply type RXP into the box.


One thing there. I hate it with a passion with I see "I" or "0" as the first can be Number one or letter I. 0 can be zero or letter O. If I get those I usually back out and start again, and you will usually see new figures there.





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