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Olympic trivia

Guest furlessinCA

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I can't remember if I have asked this question before, so sorry if I have. Nevertheless, it is fun and the Olympics are coming.


What is the Olympic motto in Greek as well as the English translation? Note: the only reason I know this is because I work with a guy who is a trivia fanatic, especially Olympic trivia.


O.K. another: What is Vasili Alexeyev's wife's name? HINT: think "Olympics" (no, not Olympia, but close).


I did ask who the Flying Fin of motorsports was and got MANY responses (I was looking for Heikki Mikkola), but who was the Flying Fin from the Olympics? (he won the 5,000 and the 10,000 meter runs in one Olympics (1920, 1932 ?). Sorry, I know who it is but I can't remember the Olympic year.


What do the colors of the Olympic rings signify?


In case you all are wondering, I can't wait for opening ceremonies!



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The colors of the rings represent a color that appears on every flag of the world, as in the Aussie flag is red, white and blue as is the US and UK; Welsh is red, Germany has the black, red and yellow/gold etc.


The idea was to get at least one color from each of the world's nations flags onto the Olympic flag. Of course, the rings themselves represent the five (permanently) populated Continents and the symbolic coming together in Sport and friendship.


Or so my old memory says.


English motto is "Faster, Higher, summat LOL" and can't recall Greek version


Emile Zatopek springs to mind when those distances are mentioned... but I know he isn't the man you are thinking about.


And given the crappy coverage we in Oz are going to get (all Ozzies covered and to hell with the rest of the world) meeeeeeeeeeh.

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GREAT CALL on the Olympic rings! Admittedly I had forgotten about the five continents.


You are exactly right on the Olympic motto. Now think about what else might humans compete in. We have "faster", we have "higher". What else might we measure to compete?


The Greek version is Citius, Altius, Fortius.


I had also forgotten about Zapotek, so good call. I was thinking of Paavo Nurmi. Google his name. He won MANY golds!


Vasily Alekseyev's wife's name was "Olympiada" (I may have spelled his name incorrectly...OOPS!).


If it is any consolation, U.S. coverage leaves a lot to be desired as well. The networks jump around, then half the time is spent with athlete interviews. And yes, only events where U.S. athletes have a chance for a gold medal or at least a podium. You can bet swimming will be big. I like track and field (athletics), but it is all fun. What I REALLY hate is when the networks show "medal counts". This makes me absolutley CRAZY! "The U.S. leads the medal count in..." Yeah if someone ever did math, to show that per capita, the European countries kick our ass in the winter sports, perhaps they would rethink the medal count. C'mon let's just enjoy the competition! I root for many different athletes! Often times I just don't root for a U.S. team. For example, mens's basketball until the Bejing games, then I was rooting for them every game.

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Yes, generally we over here get beat pretty badly in many sports. As you say. Small countries come along, and get almost the same number of medals but not quite. We say "Oh we beat them!" ANd we maybe have ten times the population. That part is all politics through and through. The same as when they get interviewing the politicians from the home country, etc. It is all $$$$$


Look at little Norway!


Anyhow. My Olympic motto? S_L_O_W_E_R .....


And lower!


I even get tired going to the fridge for my junk food!

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Fortius... yes.... Stronger.................. and to be a real nit-picker....... aren't those three words LATIN?? WEG


And Paavo Nurmii... True, had forgotten all about him, well his name anyways. And before anyone asks, it is not that I am an Olympic Historian, just an avid sports watcher and at one time there was a series about the greatest Olympic competitors/winners that I watched on a weekly basis, and some names stuck. (Could also help that a few Aussies made the list: Dawn Fraser, Betty Cuthbert and Marlene Matthews spring to mind.)


As for the TV coverages, let's face it: It is by definition the lowest common denominator which means that the networks want to appeal to the base Nationalist that exists in every country. It wins the ratings year for them.


Have often wanted to see a medal chart based on:


1) government support per medal or

2) medal per thousand population.


US might do well in first category (where lower is better) But Oz would continue to kick butt in second.... hmm where's me nationalistic Boxing Kangaroo holding the Ozzie flag?

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DOH! You're correct, Latin. I suppose I had a brain cramp and figured because the Olympics are of Greek origin, then Citius, Altius, Fortius would be Greek.


Opening ceremonies are SOON!

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