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Another quiz....


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Something a bit different than those presented by White Fox - a geography quiz:


There are 5 Great Lakes in North America. Which one does not also serve as the border between 2 countries

And for extra credit, 3 more questions about that lake:

A) How deep is the deepest part of that lake in feet

B) How wide is the widest part of that lake in miles

C) Approximately how much water is in that lake in acre-feet


Please do not Google or otherwise research the questions for a few days to give others a chance.

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I know that lakes Erie, Ontario and Huron all border the US and Canada so that leaves Michigan and Superior.


I also know that the state of Michigan has a deceptive shape. On the map it looks like a mitten but, if you look closely, there's more.

Part of the land that looks like it belongs to Wisconsin actually belongs to Michigan and each of them border Lake Michigan.

Since Lake Michigan is bordered on three sides by US territory (Illinois, Indiana, Michigan and Wisconsin) I'm going to guess that the other side does not border Canada.


Without looking at a map, I don't remember exactly where Lake Superior lies with respect to the US/Canadian border.


Therefore, I'm going to guess that it's Lake Michigan.


The other parts... I couldn't answer without looking them up.

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Yes Worker you are right on Michigan. All of the South of Superior is US. North is Canadian of course with a short exception. Pretty scenic too if you view it from the lake though little of the South shore is visible from highway. One side of Superior is constantly rising while the other is constantly lowering but I can never remember which is which. Still recovering from weight of last ice age. The largest fresh water lake in the world.


However, AK's second, third, and forth questions totally stump me as well! Of course the winner would be someone who would come remotely close. I couldn't even do that!

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Yes, Lake Michigan is correct.


Only those who have lived near Lake Michigan and have boated there might know the answers to the other 3 questions. As we do not appear to have anybody (other than myself) who can answer these 3 questions, here are the answers:


A) The deepest part of Lake Michigan is 924 feet deep. That is in the northern half of the lake where it is narrower. If I recall correctly, Lake superior is the deepest of the Great Lakes with a maximum depth of around 1020 feet.

B) The widest part of Lake Michigan is in the southern third of the lake (sometimes called the "bowl" of the lake) and is about 90 miles across.

C) Lake Michigan contains about 2 trillion acre-feet of fresh (and somewhat polluted) water.

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