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Meet a fur loving fashion blogger: Peony Lim


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Peony Lim has a beautiful, captivating face, she dresses superbly, has great sense of style and she is a wonderful fashion blogger. Oh, to top it off, she loves furs! In her own words, she loves "fluffy things".


Gorgeous silver fox she wore to the London Fashion Week:



Lovely silver fox hat:



In a stylish Fendi fur gilet:



Please do visit her blog and leave positive comments about her furs.


Here, I have selected the best fur images from her blog for you:


1050c3194189182.jpg db4855194189193.jpg 115a3e194189207.jpg f36e8d194189218.jpg 9788d7194189231.jpg 8e12b2194189246.jpg ddeaba194189259.jpg 592fef194189281.jpg 94f0bc194189294.jpg 6bec88194189312.jpg 057d39194189323.jpg 9a5e09194189335.jpg 3ca5b2194189344.jpg bd5bb0194189354.jpg b6d45b194189364.jpg eb5808194189378.jpg 0618f4194189396.jpg 04d8ea194189408.jpg 6e95da194189418.jpg ccedcd194189426.jpg 5afa2f194189444.jpg cd5f18194189461.jpg 581430194189472.jpg 547ced194189491.jpg 1e023a194189518.jpg 3d4c93194189542.jpg 85b59e194189558.jpg aa68e5194189574.jpg 79e373194189591.jpg 081de6194189610.jpg a3233f194189631.jpg 8ea5c1194189656.jpg 8be4d9194189668.jpg 3ea23d194189682.jpg

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