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I think Daria gets us


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I think that Daria Pellicarrie really gets the fetish side of fur love. This is not an advert for the site, and I am in no way connected to the seller, but as a previous customer of Daria, I was looking through her current items for sale, and found this finn racoon coat;


It is huge, fluffy, full and hooded. Not sure I could get away with wearing this out, but I don't think it would get a chance to get out of my house, or even off my bed!

Has anyone else bought furs from here? I have a red fox hooded jacket I got last year, and it is so light compared to my blue fox f/l coat, and I love the hood!


See ya, from cold wet Australia.

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I have recently bought a few coats from Daria. Managed to pick up some real bargains, and I'm not quite sure how. We have previously discussed prices of fox skins, and how they have escalated dramatically in the last couple of years. And yet they have been selling a lot of coats at much lower prices. I wonder whether this means the skins are sourced from somewhere like China, and are perhaps lower quality. I was a little anxious as I awaited the arrival of the first coat because of this, but I was pleasantly surprised.


My previous experience of buying from Daria wasn't great. I'd bought a golden isle fox hooded jacket which was smelled of dog. Seriously, it took 2 or 3 years for that smell to fade. The hood was also very floppy. And I bought a fox gilet which tore quite easily. So I was nervous when I bought the latest batch of coats, but seduced by how good they looked!


And this time, he didn't disappoint. The hoods on a couple of them are really great, well shaped and formed. The collars on those without hoods are perfect - big enough that they cover your ears when you turn them up, and very thick. Sometimes fox collars are made too thin, or with edges of pelts, so that the underside of the collar is not as nice and plush as the topside - not good if you want to turn the coat inside out. But these collars are great.


The finn raccoon design in your link is, I think, inspired / pinched from elsafur's design for the brown and silver foxes, and now their own finn raccoon. A design which I created









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I had them make me a huge hooded silver fox parka 2 yrs ago and was VERY pleased with the results. That was before the big run-up in fox pelts. I believe their foxes are sourced from Finland. I highly recommend them for quality pelts and craftmanship. It's big enough to wear Fur side in!!!

I uploaded a pic of it - Hooded Silver Fox

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