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White Fox has a birhtday on May 31st!!


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Ah, the wonders of the net!


Yep you are right. And I don't feel a day over 85 years old either. ha haaaaaaaa


Too bad I have to work all weekend.


But I will find some way to celebrate in there!


Actually Christmas is not a big deal for me but birthdays are for some reason. So I will indeed celebrate somehow!



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Hey, grouchomg


Sorry we missed your birthday here. Hope you had a great one.


Thanks everyone for your great wishes. Had a great day even with the work.

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My birthday is May 28th! I'm a whopping 57 years old! I can't wait for next semester to beat 95% of my 20+ year old students in the 12 minute run (a test to estimate aerobic fitness, one runs as far as he or she can around a track in 12 minutes). You all would be SHOCKED! I actually LAP some students!


At any rate, enough of that!


Again, Happpy BD WF!



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