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Another Poll


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I've voted a number of times too. Will take some dedicated posting to win this one with so many votes. But we CAN do it folks! With your help!

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Me too, but like with anything, how many 'pro's ' are dedicated voters....as usual a flawed online vote system...



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I was shocked to discover there are over 200,000 votes now. You would have to vote all day long to make a significant difference.


I did find it interesting that PeTA as crazies is up at 66%.



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1) Attacker should be prosecuted: 56 No / 44 Yes.

2) Flour bombing justified: 55 Yes / 45 No.

3) Right to wear fur: 67 Yes / 33 No.

4) Torturing animals is bad: 73 Yes / 27 No.

5) Outlaw fur: 57 Yes / 43 No.

6) Animal rights activists are: Crazy 54 / Noble 46.

7) Stop wearing fur: 69 Yes / 31 No.

8) Kim is more sympathetic: 90 No / 10 Yes.

9) Winner: 65 P∂TA / Kim 35.


The results of this "poll" are weird:

• They say the attacker should NOT be prosecuted but the attack was justified.

• They uphold the right to wear fur but say that fur should be outlawed.

• Animal rights activists are crazy but P∂TA is the winner.


The results of six out of the nine questions invalidate each other.


Two of the remaining questions are subjective:

• "Kim=sympathetic?" could be easily interpreted as "I don't like Kim Kardashian" for any reason, not just fur. Personally, I think she's stupid. How many other people answered negatively because they think she's stupid, not because they like or dislike fur?

• "Torturing animals=bad?" is so wide open to interpretation. There's no definition of "torture." It's also a leading question like "When did you stop beating your wife?"


There's only one question left: "Stop wearing fur."

In keeping with the bias of the article, obviously anti-fur from the start, who wouldn't vote negative on fur?


The entire poll series is invalid as most polls are. It only took me about 0.68 seconds to figure that out.


It's all a publicity stunt anyway.


Why are all those people so stupid that they can't see that?

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