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Self Tanning & Finding a Tanned Martin


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Today my guy surprised me by coming home with two tanned martins and a bonus dried red fox! The martins were from a family friend (he got a screamin' deal on them), and even though they are an older tan, they appear to be good enough for stitching. The fox might end up being a total loss. It's just air dried, and as far as I can tell fairly old. I have no idea if it will take a tan or not. It's a shame since it appears to be good enough for a mount.


Have any of you tried an at home tanning kit? I think I want to go a step further than the paint on Krowtan stuff, but I'd rather find something sold in a kit since I only have ONE critter to tan. Plus I don't have a gigantic space to do it.



Anyway, back to the pair of martin. My guy was all thrilled to bring me something I liked, and since he's been pestering me about a hat for a while I told him I would stitch up a hat. The downside: these two martin need a friend to make a proper hat!

Locally it seems like the martin, even of just sewing quality, are really expensive so far this year.

Do any of you have a favorite spot online where you find decent prices on pelts?

I looked at Moscow Hide & Fur, and have a possibility, but with shipping the price isn't so great. Posted a Wanted on a taxidermy forum (in case anyone has a sewing quality martin). Glacier wear doesn't have anything. I poked eBay a little, but only found one that doesn't look so hot.


Open to suggestions! Thanks!

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